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Top Trends: Custom Rigid Packaging Wholesale in 2023

Set your luxurious items apart from the crowd with top-notch & appealing custom rigid packaging wholesale that are the top and most innovative packaging options among the most. However, these boxes are created from durable paper, which makes them ideal for products that need maximum protection.  

A classy look with unique finishing options makes these boxes the first choice for luxury items, reflecting the value of the brands placed in them. In addition, no matter how fragile products you have, these boxes are ideal to go with. Meanwhile, packaging and shipping are made simple, easier, and safe. 

What Makes Rigid Boxes Vital?

Countless features come with custom rigid packaging solutions. However, the high durability and charm look are among the best. However, these two features are vital for each high-end product. So, when it comes to packaging a luxury product, custom rigid packaging wholesale stand tall. And this is what makes these boxes vital for luxury items. 

In addition, by investing a small amount, you can build your brand's look into a luxury that reflects your brand features and speak loudly about the manufacturers. However, an individual perceives the value of the product by its visual display, and hence that charm looks to build their trust. 

What is The Best Material Used for?

Many people just don't grab rigid boxes because of their imagination that they are valuable but high cost. But that's not the matter. And the fact is these boxes are a little more costly than the regular packaging boxes because of the paper. However, excellent-quality paper is used to create these boxes. 

  • Rigid Stock 
  • Paperboard

Rigid stock is one of the fines among the most. At the same time, paperboard is also a good option for highly durable packaging solutions. So, it is up to you whatever type you choose, but these both are fine to use. In addition, these paper types are easier to mold, print, and customize. 

How to Innovate Boxes That Appeal to Luxurious Looks

Want to innovate your brand to capture top attractions? Innovate your brand look while customizing the boxes professionally using wholesale box printing techniques. Meanwhile, craft custom rigid boxes wholesale from scratch to meet each product's needs. In addition, you can add different appealing factors for customer satisfaction. 

Since packaging doesn't mean just keeping the products safe, these boxes must work as your assistance in your absence. But these boxes must have an appealing look to work as you wish. In addition, with printed details, these boxes speak loudly and let the customers perceive them at first sight. 

Here is the guide to crafting the boxes to make an appealing look:

Color Scheme That Reflects Charm

The color scheme is an important factor when doing customization. And it plays a vital role in making the design attractive. So, be clever when choosing the color scheme that appeals to your company logo and other essential components. 

Here are the widely used color systems:

  • RGB
  • Plain
  • CMYK
  • Spot 
  • PMS (Pantone Management System) 

RGB vs CMYK, which one is the best? Both come with plenty of unique features and are easy to use for wholesale box printing. Meanwhile, CMYK is better due to its ease of color palettes. In addition, the Pantone system is a bit more advanced among them. 

Designs Must Be Appealing

Further, when you have chosen your color pallets, the next step is to design the box. Meanwhile, you must print multiple factors of whatever you want to display to your customers. So, be careful while choosing a color scheme for box printing must be attractive. However, rigid boxes' design ideas should include these factors.

  • Text
  • Images
  • Stickers
  • Logo

Innovative Styles Adds Value 

Style is the most critical factor when creating special boxes for luxury items. Meanwhile, the rigid box wholesale's shape, style, and design must be innovative. And among these factors, style is the most important component which makes your packaging different to stand out. In addition, the more you have a creative style, the more it reflects beauty, attraction, and innovation and adds value to your brand. 

Here are some innovative styles to choose from:

  • Magnetic Closures
  • Tube Packaging
  • Book Style Rigid Boxes
  • Telescopic Boxes
  • Drawer Style

Applying Special Fishing Options

Unique finishing options increase the color vibrancy printed on the boxes. Meanwhile, when you apply these coatings and add-ons, it not only adds a luxury touch to your packaging but also makes the printing protective. In addition, the more innovative your packaging, the more it will add value to your products and increase customer loyalty.

Here are these factors:

  • Laminations (Gloss/Matte)
  • UV (Gloss, Matte, Spot)
  • Foiling
  • Embossing/Debossing
  • Die-cut
  • PVC windows
  • Perforation
  • Gluing 
  • Window Patching

5 Benefits of Using Rigid Packaging Wholesale?

Custom rigid boxes wholesale come with plenty of innovative features that quickly boost building a brand image with cutting-edge displays. Since top-notch boxes are vital for luxury items, custom rigid packaging solutions are perfect for wrapping the product, displaying it innovatively, and building customers' trust in the quality for selling purposes. In addition, you can gain tremendous results by investing a small amount. Here are some of the essential benefits that you can grab:

Rigid Box: A Sustainable Packaging Solution

Rigid is meant to be a highly protective and sustainable packaging solution that retains the safety of luxury items. However, the rigid stock is highly durable, so you can add many layers of paper to make the packaging more secure and meet your needs. 

The vast choice for Personalisation

With endless personalization options, these boxes stand tall among many options. However, you can easily mold the paper to cut into perfect sizes, shapes, and styles. And printing is also easier with these papers. In addition, packaging, innovation, and branding touch come together in a single investment. 

Innovative and Eye-Catching Design Ideas

There is no limit to making the box to fulfill your wishes for product packaging. However, you can innovate your items however you like. At the same time, you have endless options to choose the suitable color scheme that makes the packaging look catchy. In addition, you can print different factors of your choice to display on the boxes of your preferences.

Luxurious Way to Display Products

As the finest paper type is used to create rigid display boxes, these boxes come with a visually appealing look that adds a luxury touch. However, using wholesale box printing techniques for an impressive look, these custom rigid packaging work as the storyteller. And hence printed details also makes it easier to choose the products. 

Smart Marketing Tool

Want marketing assistance to spread knowledge about your brand? Custom rigid boxes with printed logos are a handy tool that lets customers know where such an innovative product came from and keeps them enticed with your brand. In addition, boxes with a printed logo work as smart marketing assistance. 


Do you produce luxury items and look for packaging that appeals to your products? Custom rigid packaging wholesale is a smart way to wrap and display the products innovatively for massive results. In addition, these boxes are affordable, durable, luxurious, innovative, and stylish to set your product apart from the crowds. However, with these features, your brand can stand taller among the most for longer. You can read the above-given details if you are willing to bring innovation to your brand.

Author - Amelia Jerry

Amelia Jerry is a full-time Content Writer, and Marketing Expert who is Currently Working for ICM Packaging for couple of years. Amelia Jerry writing relates to a range of subjects such as Beauty Products, CBD and health.

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