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Custom Board Game Boxes

Custom Board Game Boxes



Packaging always plays a crucial role in our business. But when it comes to Custom Board Game Boxes, we need to be more careful. A game box tells the observer

  • The theme of the game,
  • how to play the game,
  • The elements of the game.

To convey such information to the observer, we need to customize the box properly. Not to mention how important it is to choose the right packaging material. We should also try to make our box durable but 100% organic at the same time. Game board box requires:

  • A corrugated board,
  • A textured paper to wrap the board around,
  • Meanwhile, use lamination as a coating.

Now the question is, how do we make a perfect game box? How should we customize our box? And what tips and tricks should we follow to make a perfect and professional box? If you are curious, then let us discuss everything you need to know about game boxes.

Understanding your game and its elements:

Every game has a different theme, unique elements, and new players. And hence we also need packaging suitable for our game. But to do so, one needs to understand the game first.

  • Study your game with great interest.
  • Understand what makes your game unique yet interesting.
  • What features and fun parts of your game you should highlight. Meanwhile, study your potential customers.
  • What color palette could be perfect for you.

Hire a designer and let them design your box for you. Make sure that you:

  • Highlight any characters of your game but only the main characters. If you start adding extra elements and characters, it will make the cover art messy.
  • Write any description about your game object or characters.
  • Make your box as exciting as possible by adding accessories.
  • Highlight the game name and your brand logo. Do marketing with your box.
  • The content on your custom playing card box should be correct.
  • Write your content in a way that people of any age can understand. Use simple wording and the right font size.

Adding accessories to Board Game Boxes:

Adding inserts and extra components into our board game enhances the product’s worth. At the same time, you can keep the customers excited. Meanwhile, keep them impressed with your packaging by adding accessories.

The material used to manufacture Custom Game Boxes:

Board games need sturdy packaging. And that is why many sellers use cardboard or chipboard packaging. Let us discuss their advantages.

Advantages of Chipboard and Cardboard Board Game Boxes:

Cardboard gets manufactured from recycled paper, making it 100% organic. Meanwhile, chipboard gets manufactured from shaving and chips of wood. It is then made into a board using natural adhesive. Chipboard is also known as paperboard.

  • Both these materials are known for their organic nature.
  • They are customizable and printable.
  • Meanwhile, both these materials are sturdier enough to protect fragile items.
  • Both these boxes are flexible and secure.
  • Cardboard and chipboard cut waste generation.
  • Both these follow the 3R of sustainability.

Role of Lamination in Custom Game Boxes:

When it comes to board games, we can not ignore the importance of lamination. Lamination and varnish are two finishes that secure our product from moisture. At the same time, it secures the print and makes it last longer. Varnish is a transparent protective layer coated on top of the packaging. Meanwhile, lamination is a thin plastic layer overlapped on the box; both secure our product from moisture, stains, radiation, and smudges.

Lamination is of two types, matte and gloss. Gloss lamination reflects the light and makes the surface appear shiny. Meanwhile, matte lamination gives a muted look to the box. We can use matte lamination for more of a complex game.

Things to consider while customizing Custom Board Game Boxes:

While customizing any product packaging, we have to consider many things. But when it comes to game packaging, we need to study such things with great interest. Let us discuss some of the significant factors.


Trendy, vintage, conventional, there are many types of fonts. But the real problems begin when we have to choose one. To solve such a problem, we must understand the look we want. Meanwhile, If you have a clear understanding of the game, then choosing a font becomes easy.


Colors play a crucial role in our life and also in marketing. Have you ever wondered how a color palette completely changes our design? If our design seems hideous, we may not have used the right colors. So play with different colors. At the same time, you must know what colors would be suitable for your game. For a more complex game, go with a darker theme. Meanwhile, use light colors for a simple and easy game.

Tag lines:

A tagline consists of a few words that represent the brand goal. A short line on our game box could help us represent the game. Imprint the tag lines along with the game name. Furthermore, make sure that you use a suitable font for your game.

Cover art:

Cover art plays a crucial role in the marketing industry. The way we could attract a customer is to create an attractive packaging. We have to convey information about our game to the customers through creative packaging. Have you ever noticed how complex cover art some games have? The more complex your game is, the more intense its cover art would seem. Meanwhile, the easier your game is to play, the lighter the theme it would have. Now the question is, what should we be careful of while designing cover art?

  • Make sure that you correctly represent your game through the cover art.
  • At the same time, you should tell your customers about the game complexity with the packaging.
  • Choosing a color palette is an essential yet challenging task. The colors on your packaging should be in contrast with each other.
  • Do not imprint any information on the front side of the Board Game Boxes. The front side should only get imprinted with the cover art and the game name.
  • Only one side of the packaging should have game information, instructions, and rules.
  • Make your product one of a kind by having a unique and appealing cover art.

What instructions to imprint on the box?

The game box should get customized like any other box. The information you need to imprint in other products’ packaging should also be printed on your custom game boxes. Here are some of the things that you must imprint on your packaging.

  • Imprint your logo and make sure that it’s visible even from some distance.
  • Write your game name with suitable fonts and with the correct size.
  • Imprint the age range and player count.
  • Tell your customers how complex the game would be.
  • Write the weight, components, and theme of the game on the box.
  • Give credits to your designer and publishers.
  • Write rules and instructions to play the game.
  • Do not forget to imprint the company’s information. It includes the company’s address, phone number, and helpline.

Features of Board Game Boxes:

There are some features that your game packaging boxes must have. All these features allow us to make our packaging appear more attractive. In this way, we can attract customers and make them buy our product.

Sturdy and secure:

Retailers prefer to use sturdy packaging with high caliber to bear external pressure. Meanwhile, there are many packaging materials known for their sturdy nature.

  • Cardboard.
  • Corrugated board.
  • Paperboard.

Always consider the thickness of the material you use.

Follow the 3R of sustainability:

A packaging box must be 100% organic if we want to keep our product safe. Products do not get affected by external factors. Sometimes the item becomes useless due to the radiation from an inorganic box. Make your packaging follows the 3R of sustainability, recycle, reduce and reuse.


There are so many printing methods getting used to customize packaging boxes. Moreover, each of the methods gives a different look to our box. Some of the printing techniques are for Custom Game Boxes are:

  • Flexography.
  • Screen printing.
  • Digital printing.
  • Engraving and Embossing.
  • Large format.
  • Gravure.

Most of these techniques use quick-dry and organic ink. In this way, after customization, our box stays 100% organic. At the same time, the ink dries off in no time, and our design does not smudge.

Should appear Neat and Organized:

A game needs to impress the customers from a distance due to its professional branding. At the same time, the customers should have the same excitement level when they open the box. Would you consider shopping from a store where all the products scatter around? Well, we always tend to get impressed by tidy stores. And that is why retailers use display boxes to keep the item in their place. We can do the same for custom game boxes. Meanwhile, the accessories in the game box should get presented professionally. To do so, one can use paper inserts.

Other than that, we should also keep our branding neat. Do not imprint many characters, patterns, or text. Only imprint the factors that can make the customer understand the game.


The use of waterproof packaging in the gaming industry is a necessity. Accessories in the game box get affected by exposure to sunlight or moisture. And to keep our product from such harm, we need to use a waterproof box. Now there are many sturdy packaging materials like cardboard or rigid boxes. But none of them are waterproof. But we can use lamination as an extra protective layer for our custom card deck boxes. Lamination keeps the box safe from dust, wrinkles, stains, and smudges. At the same time, it reflects the radiation and acts as a shield between the product and the moisture from the environment.

Highlights the brand logo:

When we get ourselves a perfect trendy box, we can use it for marketing. Have you ever wondered why brands invest so much in getting themselves a unique logo? And why does every packaging box have a logo imprinted on it? The first thing that we do while looking at something unique is to search for it and that is the reason why even shipping boxes have a brand logo on them. A unique trademark becomes the face of your brand. At the same time, it also enhances the product’s worth. So make sure that your game packaging boxes gets highlighted with your brand identity.

How ICM manufactures and customizes Board Game Boxes:

After understanding the game, we could realize what type of packaging is needed. When we observe a game box, we find it complicated but in reality, it is not as difficult as one might think. We already discussed what we need to know before customizing our game packaging. Now the question is, how to find the right supplier? To find the right supplier, first, we need to know what we are looking for.

  • Find a supplier that understands your products and realizes their fragility. 
  • Find a supplier that uses the most suitable packaging material according to your product. Let us take an example. In the case of custom game boxes, we need to use cardboard or chipboards. A supplier cannot make use of paperboard or kraft paper.
  • A supplier must use a durable and organic material.
  • The supplier must know what lamination and wrapping paper to use.
  • The company must have an experienced team that could guide the clients. The team must be able to answer the client’s queries and make the order process easy for them.
  • The supplier must use high-quality printing techniques and modern methods.

All of these aspects are taken into consideration at ICM, Which is a USA-based packaging company serving customers around the globe. Meanwhile, they manufacture high-quality products using modern techniques and machinery. ICM has benefited the customers by manufacturing high-quality Custom Board Game Boxes.