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CBD Lotion Boxes

CBD Lotion Boxes



CBD Lotion Boxes tells us everything about a product. These boxes get manufactured and designed in a way that engages the customers. Here are some of the primary purposes of a packaging box:

  • It should secure the item from harm.
  • Special boxes should attract the customer and make them buy the item.
  • Good packaging should introduce the product and the brand to other people.
  • Moreover, lotion packaging should act as a marketing tool.
  • These boxes should hold all the information that a customer needs to know while buying an item.
  • And last but not least it should be a means of convenience. It should bring comfort for both sellers and customers. 

The question is the packaging that we use today, does it contain the features we look for? In some cases, people are being creative and introducing effective packaging. And for some people, it is not easy to find the perfect box. So let us tell you what you need to look for in a box. And where to find the packaging of your dream.

Difference between CBD Cream and Lotion:

CBD products are only getting used to relieve pain and inflammation. The cream has a thicker consistency and so often gets used as a balm. Meanwhile, CBD lotions soothe the itchy skin and hydrate it. Unlike CBD cream, lotion does not contain much oil, which many people prefer.

How are CBD lotion boxes different from CBD cream boxes?

Not only the nature of cream and lotion differs, but the packaging also changes. Lotions weigh to be lighter than a cream containing less oil. Creams are thicker than lotions, meanwhile, lotions contain high water content. Jars get used as primary packaging for cream. And lotions often get sold in bottles. So, we need to use packaging designed for our product.

Features that your CBD lotion boxes must have:

When we get ourselves a box, we have to make sure that it’s perfect. And for that purpose, it must contain some noticeable features. Let us discuss what features your CBD Skincare boxes should hold. 

Sturdy and secure:

Using a sturdy box is not an option. We have to use one as it’s a necessity. Lotions and creams are a product that requires extra protection. And hence we should not compromise on the quality of our box. At the same time, we have to make sure that the box is organic and secure. And to make a packaging 100% organic, we need to consider many factors. For example, we need to use organic adhesive or no glue at all. Many organic boxes only need to be assembled by hand with no glue used to manufacture them. Meanwhile, if you use any packaging inserts in your box, it should also be organic. Many companies prefer to use Kraft paper packaging inserts. 

Overlap the Custom CBD Cream Boxes with lamination:

Lamination is the process where we overlap the box with thin plastic film. But the question is, why do we need to laminate our boxes? Lamination extends the life of our packaging. Meanwhile, the design of our packaging also lasts longer. Lamination also adds durability and strength to our packaging box. 

Here are some of the advantages of lamination:

  • It enhances the appearance of our packaging boxes.
  • It adds durability and makes the box look new.
  • The colors and print on our box do not fade.
  • Try to secure the box from wrinkles, smudges, spills, tears, oil, dirt, and moisture.
  • It does not let the radiation enter the box and hence secure the item. 
  • Also, keeps the CBD lotion packaging wholesale stiff and hence in shape.

Now enhance your packaging appearance with lamination. And impress your customers at the same time.

Flexible and cost-effective:

People have different opinions about cheap packaging. Some people consider it flimsy and insecure. But cost-effective packaging does not mean that it’s not sturdy. There are so many packaging boxes that are organic, cheap, and sturdy. Hence they contain every feature that an ideal box should hold. And kraft packaging is one of these boxes. Kraft packaging gets manufactured with recycled paper having elasticity and high tear resistance. So if you are looking for a box that could last during shipping, use Kraft packaging. Other than that, cardboard and corrugated fiberboard also prove to be effective. Both these materials are more durable than kraft packaging. Meanwhile, we also could use paperboard, a type of cardboard, for our lotions.

How do we manufacture CBD skincare boxes in custom size and shape?

A packaging box only seems professional if it provides enough space for the product. Now each company manufactures its product in a different manner. And so one needs a packaging that seems perfect. That is why packaging companies manufacture custom boxes for creams. And here are some of the reasons why:

  • Each lotion would have distinct features and need a different level of protection.
  • Each company would sell its CBD lotions in unique primary packaging. And so we need to use custom CBD lotion boxes.

When we use customized packaging, the product stays on its frame. It does not move around the box, nor does it get damaged. But we should also make sure that we use high-quality packaging material. And if possible, make use of packaging inserts in our boxes. Packaging inserts provide extra protection to the product. Meanwhile, they make the item look presentable hence impressing the customers. 

CBD Display Boxes:

When we have to showcase our brand-new products, we need something unique. And a display box can help us. CBD products are of every kind requiring a different box. And so they also need a custom display. A display box helps us to make an item more visible. That is why many companies must use a display as it is a necessity. Many of the companies use countertop displays. These boxes get placed on the counter with other small products.

Why should you choose ICM packaging as your packaging provider?

When we look for perfect packaging, we need to consider various factors. We should consider the quality of the box and the way it gets customized. The next step would be to tell our packaging providers what we need. That is not an easy task when no sellers can understand your needs. And sometimes they do not offer such services. That is why one should choose ICM as the packaging provider. They have been facilitating the customers with the best packaging boxes and services. 

ICM understands the customer’s needs and manufactures suitable packaging boxes. Moreover, low turnaround times and cheaper rates will increase your profitability. They use modern printing techniques to customize the boxes. So no matter what material or techniques you want to use, contact ICM. Now place your order for CBD lotion boxes with us and get the best quality boxes.