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Custom Lipstick Boxes

Custom Lipstick Boxes



Who does not love to use cosmetics or, more precisely, lipstick regularly? The color and the scent of lipstick brighten up our day. But do you know what else affects our choices? The packaging is where the product lies. Do you want to know the secrets of cosmetic sellers? Do you wish to unveil the tips and tricks to customize one packaging professionally? If yes, then let us discuss everything about Custom Lipstick Boxes. But before that, let’s learn some amazing fun facts about lipsticks.

The history of lipstick dates back to ancient Egyptian times. Men and women used makeup products such as eyeliner, lipstick, foundation, and other products. Since then, makeup has evolved, and every day we see different trends. Due to the increase in social platforms, people share their skills quickly. And hence every day, we could witness unique talent. Now have you ever wondered which product is used the most in the world? Well, the answer is simple: It’s lipstick. The use of lipstick is so prevalent that you might be wearing lipstick almost all the time.

Do you know lipstick was a symbol of status in ancient Egypt? But the fact that surprised us the most is that lipstick could also expire. But there is a way to make your lipstick last longer. First of all, storing at a cool temperature. And secondly, use the apt packaging box. Packaging not only secures the item but also keeps it new and fresh. Meanwhile, it also affects our business. Let us discuss it more briefly.

Role of Custom Lipstick Boxes:

Customized packaging plays a crucial role in the cosmetic industry. You must have noticed that each product has discrete packaging. Even many brands sell the same products and need something to distinguish themselves. And hence what could be better than packaging for such a purpose? A unique box represents the product by keeping it secure from harm. 

Custom packaging is the one that we get manufactured in that requires shape or size. And hence it allows us to get the packaging box with a unique setup. A custom box gives us a suitable space to place our products. You must have noticed that many lipstick and lip gloss boxes are smaller in size. And hence it gets a little challenging to get the product out of the box. Do you know why such boxes are used? 

Well, the reason is simple, to secure the item. The custom lipstick box packaging keeps the product firmly in its place. And hence protect it from any harm and deliver the product safely. We all know how fragile cosmetics products are. And what should we do when we sell more than one item in each case? Well, in this case, enclosures might be the thing you think.

Importance of inserts in the Lipstick Box Packaging:

There are several reasons to use a packaging insert in our packaging boxes. But let us discuss some of them. They are of low cost, and they help us secure the product. They might be cheap, but prove to be efficient for our business. When they defend the item, the chances of the product getting affected by external harm lessens. And thus our product could get delivered in one piece. Hence it affects our business positively.

Packaging inserts increases the product’s worth. You must have noticed that any luxurious item has inserts into the box. The enclosure is not only for securing the product. But they are also used to increase the worth of products. They make the customer feel excited and exceptional. Meanwhile, packaging that has inserts also gets much more recognition.

In the cosmetic industry, we need to consider everything with more consideration. The way we think about our lipstick boxes wholesale, we should also learn about different packaging inserts. Most of the brands in the cosmetic industry use cardboard inserts. Such an enclosure is 100% organic and firm. And we do need a sturdy packaging insert. If the insert itself is flimsy, how could it secure the item? You can also use foam inserts. It locks each piece in its place. So if your product is packed in glass containers, they would not collide with one another.

How to make your custom lipstick boxes elegant?

When it comes to branding, many factors affect it, such as typography, colors, logo placement, and many other things. The professional designer has no problems in making your box look one of a kind. But the real dilemma begins when one tries to save his money. And they try to design their boxes by themselves or by hiring a new designer. 

Never be afraid to hire a professional designer. But most importantly, if you have a unique idea in mind, implement it in your packaging boxes. Now, the real problem begins when we have to imprint the design onto the box. There are so many printing methods. A person new to the business might find it challenging to choose a suitable method. But no problem, let us make it easier for you to understand.

Digital printing:

Digital printing is the method of customizing the box with an electronic file. It allows us to print the design directly onto the material. And hence this process takes less time. That is the reason why it is known worldwide. 

Screen printing:

Screen printing allows us to give a smooth texture, feel, and appearance to our packaging boxes. The ink used in this process is of low viscosity, and they move around the material efficiently. And to control the flow, we use some pieces of equipment. Due to low coherence, the ink also gets absorbed into the box, thus giving the infamous smooth look.


Gravure is the process of customizing the bulk of the material in a limited time. The process typically consists of a cylinder, ink bath, and scraper. The cylinder placed below has an image carved onto that. Meanwhile, it also lays in the ink bath. Once the material passes through the cylinders, the design gets transferred to the material. It gives high-quality customization and proves to be time effective. 

Importance of custom lipstick boxes with logo:

Packaging plays a vital role in our life. It has become difficult for us not to use packaging boxes. We cannot even imagine a world without packaging. How could we ship the product around the world or store it in warehouses without boxes? Meanwhile, how could we keep the product secure from harm without a proper case? But do you know what else affects our item and its sale? Well, unquestionably, it’s the brand identity imprinted on the box.

You must have noticed that we pick a product with which we are familiar. And the item without proper branding left behind. These are the days when the brand is more significant to a customer than the product itself. If a person knows the brand, he buys the item immediately. But do you know how we can make the customer purchase your product even when we are new to the business? Well, the answer is simple, by getting ourselves a good logo.

When customers see a distinctive trademark on the box, they feel an urge to try the product. That is the reason why business people these days try to get themselves a distinct logo. Many of the well-known also use their logo to enhance their brand identity and to increase product worth. The thousands of dollars we pay for a luxurious product is because they have the infamous logo printed on them. And that trademark increases their worth.

Why is ICM the company you are looking for?

There are many packaging companies in the USA. And the amazing fact is that the number of these companies is only increasing. Hence the competition in the market increased automatically. Keeping all of these facts in account makes it difficult for a new company to survive. But if you have the right strategies and produce a high-quality product, you could also receive recognition. Try to attract your customers through social media platforms and let the world know you exist.

ICM is a USA-based packaging company that is serving its customers all over the USA. They produce high-quality products. And they use the latest printing machinery for customizing the boxes. They have a professional and experienced team that could help you anytime. And can guide you through the ordering process. Now, place your order to get the unique and high-quality Custom Lipstick Boxes.