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Custom Cannabis Boxes

Custom Cannabis Boxes



No matter what product you sell, the use of durable packaging is a must. A durable cannabis packaging keeps the item secure from radiation and moisture. Due to the increase of sellers in the cannabis sector, we need to use unique packaging. And also should consider the quality and appearance of our packaging. To make our packaging box appear trendy, we should also change it from time to time. Hence we can display and sell our products with a style. If you want your product to stand out, use different printing methods. In this way, we could highlight the product’s importance and features. But how to make our custom cannabis boxes perfect? And what box should we use for which CBD product? Before discussing that, first, let us discuss cannabis and its effects.

Cannabis and its Form:

The use of CBD products is only increasing. Although each item is consumed differently, they all give relief. CBD is a chemical found in the cannabis Sativa plant along with THC. CBD and THC get used for diverse purposes and have different effects. THC gets you high, meanwhile, CBD only gives you relief from anxiety. That’s why CBD is getting used for medicinal purposes and is legal in many states. CBD is available in different types which include:

  • full-spectrum,
  • broad-spectrum,
  • isolate.
  • Isolates only contain pure CBD, not containing THC or any other cannabinoids.
  • Full-spectrum CBD contains less THC, which is less than 0.3%. So we can say Full spectrum CBD contains both THC and CBD.
  • Broad-spectrum does not have THC, but it contains other parts of the cannabis plant. It might include terpenes or flavonoids.

Meanwhile, CBD is getting consumed in different forms including:

  • Gummies.
  • Oil and Tinctures.
  • Cream and Lotions.
  • CBD-infused topicals.

After having an overview of cannabis, let us discuss the packaging to use.

Packaging material to manufacture Custom Cannabis boxes:

Every company sells various products in the market. The product might differ depending on the appearance and features. But a customer purchases an item by observing the packaging. So if we wish to make our product noticeable, we need to use a high-quality box. Here are some of the packaging materials considered perfect for retail products.

  • Paperboard is a thick paper-based material manufactured using recycled paper. It is a type of cardboard usually used for retail businesses. Marijuana boxes weigh to be perfect for items due to their high quality and organic nature.
  • Kraft cannabis extract packaging is unique, sturdy, lightweight, organic, and cost-effective. This packaging material has all the features that one looks for in packaging. Providing an extra protective layer on top lamination proved to be effective. Meanwhile, to keep the item in its place, paper inserts could also get used. So how you keep your product appear presentable depends on your creativity.
  • Corrugated fiberboard also known as cardboard weighs to be perfect for products. It does not affect the item while securing it from harm during shipping. Cardboard is best for businesses due to its durable and organic nature.

Different yet unique custom marijuana packaging for CBD products:

Let us discuss suitable packaging boxes for our CBD products.

  • Window boxes for CBD soap:

CBD soap hydrates the skin and makes it glow. It also helps in improving acne. So we need suitable packaging for our special soap. Many packaging companies are using windows or sleeves for soap boxes. Both of these packagings make the product visible to the customers. Meanwhile, it also secures the item from harm, moisture, and dust.

Features of Custom Cannabis Boxes:

CBD oil relieves pain, anxiety, and depression. The packaging boxes for CBD oil are manufactured with paperboard or Kraft paper. Such a packaging material is:

  • Sturdy and secure,
  • Safe and organic,
  • Customizable and printable.

Not to mention the lightweight nature and cheap rates of these custom concentrate packaging. So if you want to generate high profits, consider using these boxes.

Sturdy packaging for Custom Cannabis Boxes:

Lotions and creams weigh to be the same thing, but it’s not true. Not only are the consistency of these products differ, but they also differ in nature. CBD-based lotions hydrate one’s skin and soothe it. Meanwhile, CBD cream works as a balm to heal irritation or pain. CBD cream also proves effective in treating jaw pain or any swelling. Another difference between cream and lotion is that cream contains oil, while lotion has high water content.

Now, when it comes to packaging, we need to be careful. We cannot use the same box for our lotions that we use for our cream and vice versa. But we have to make sure that the box we use must be sturdy and secure. Use cardboard or paperboard packaging material for an elegant look to your products.

Two-piece boxes for Edibles:

If you don’t like inhaling vapors to consume CBD, then edibles can help. Edibles can be in any form. They might be in your favorite gummies or your cookies to make it easy to consume CBD. Meanwhile, edibles have a long-lasting effect. When we consume CBD through vaping, it might irritate our lungs. But you don’t have to worry about such things while taking edibles.

Like any other product, edibles also need suitable packaging. We need to showcase our product’s unique features using custom hemp boxes. And must tell the customer why they should prefer our products. Now the thing we need to do is to find the box that appears one of a kind. For such a purpose, many sellers prefer to use two-piece boxes. But it always depends on your creativity. You can also add a window in your box to make it stand out.  Two-piece packaging boxes are manufactured with paperboard. It is a sturdy and secure material that appears elegant.

Luxurious window boxes for E-liquid:

Window packaging boxes allow us to showcase our products in an elegant manner. These boxes have a window in them covered with a thin plastic film. In this way, we could showcase the product and secure it from dust at the same time. Every packaging box seems the same style. But these boxes have received the recognition they deserve. Now the question is, what product could get packed in these boxes? Many products appear unique. And to sell them we have to showcase their appearance. For such a purpose, window boxes receive recognition worldwide. An example of such a product is e-liquids.

The liquid gets used in the e-cigarette known as e-juice or e-liquid. It contains nicotine and also is available in many flavors. This liquid might be a mixture of flavorings, nicotine, CBD or THC, water, etc.

E-liquid does not have an expiry date, but it might be better to use them within one or two years. Do you know that exposure to radiation or moisture can affect the product’s life? In such a case, the use of high-quality cannabis packaging boxes is a necessity.

Why does ICM weigh to be one of the best cannabis packaging suppliers?

Choosing a packaging company is no more difficult than picking a product to sell. And hence many people seem confused at first. But what if we tell you what you should look for in your packaging provider?

  • Uses high-quality packaging material.
  • Offers a variety of services.
  • Have a professional and experienced customer service team available 24/7.
  • Their good relationship with the customers.
  • They must have cheap rates and turnaround time.
  • Various methods for box customization.

ICM is a USA-based business having more than enough experience in the field. They have everything that a customer would look for. Meanwhile, the customer service team helps the customers in choosing the right box. Now get yourself the perfect Custom Cannabis Boxes from ICM.