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Custom Gift Boxes

Custom Gift Boxes



Are you looking for a reliable platform to create ideal custom gift boxes? Do you want to please your friends and family members with something surprising? Or you are looking for something special on a light budget. Right? If you are in need of the perfect package for your nice gift, look no further.

Exciting Gift Packaging Boxes to Give Goosebumps to Your Near and Dear Ones

It is difficult to resist a prettily packed gift. Everyone loves to receive gifts and surprises from their loved ones. Gifts enhance the feelings of love among your relatives and friends. No occasion is complete without gifts. Whether it’s a birthday, Christmas, wedding, or any other ceremony, gifts hold paramount importance. They can elevate the moods of the fun-lovers and make them happy.

Making a custom gift is not a big issue. However, the major issue is to design pretty gift boxes on a reasonable budget. Many brands offer luxury packaging but their rates touch the sky. However, seek a platform that can provide you with both quality and ease. ICM Packaging is the only name that comes first when it comes to custom gift boxes. Now you can present excellent gifts to delight your dear ones by packing them in our sturdy and breath-taking boxes.


Custom Gift Boxes for Specific Occasions

We at ICM Packaging, allow you to create gift boxes specific to certain events. For example, if you need boxes for birthday celebrations, you can add a birth date, ribbons, and birthday wishes to the boxes. The color combination for such boxes should be of bright and dazzling colors. However, if you want to present gifts to your lover, you can get a heart-shaped box with beautiful floral patterns. Moreover, it would be best to make such boxes in white colors to make them more sophisticated and lovable. On the other hand, Christmas boxes tend to be red with joyful printing.

If you want to create boxes for family members or friends, you can add their photographs as well. This will display your feelings of love to them and they will be happy.

Moreover, we have custom-made themes and design patterns for custom gift packaging to make your event more special.


Material Available for Custom Gift Boxes at ICM Packaging

The biggest benefit of choosing our gift boxes is that there is no end to materials and designs. Here you will find a vast collection of styles, shapes, colors, and designs to construct these boxes. We have developed a massive inventory of custom templates that can make your box extra special. Moreover, we have add-on options that will beautify the outlook of the gift you are presenting to your special person.

The materials and types of gift boxes that are available are listed below:

Each material has its own significance and demand according to its use and customer’s choice. Let’s discuss each material in detail to have a complete overview


Rigid Material

The rigid material is extremely hard and sturdy and is suitable for luxury packaging. This material adds magnificence to the package, making it attention-grabbing and lofty. Moreover, the biggest benefit of using it is that it protects precious items from damage and spoilage. You can print and coat this material with any color combination you want. Adding silk ribbons to a rigid box will further glorify your gift package.


Cardboard Material

Cardboard has its own advantages. This material is completely eco-safe and does not do any harm to the environment. Moreover, it allows every type of printing with optimum results. You can print these boxes with CMYK or PMS system to make them attractive and lovely. It also permits various types of finishing choices such as gloss, matte, or spot UV which further enhance its beauty.


Kraft Material

If you want to present any food item in the form of a gift, such as chocolate or cake, Kraft would be the best choice. Moreover, the inks used for Kraft boxes are food-safe and allow charming printing. You can choose brown or white Kraft according to your specifications. Adding threads, brown ribbons, and flowers will beautify the appearance of your Kraft gift boxes.



It is the thinnest material and forms delicate and elegant packages. This material is also eco-friendly and allows every type of printing with maximum results. Paperboard is also the best choice to wrap up your gifts. Paper boxes with floral patterns and luxurious add-ons will look elegant and sophisticated.


Printing and Add-ons for an Exciting Unboxing Experience

Whether it’s a retail item or gift, printing plays an important role in pleasant unboxing. Our gift recipients are always excited to know what is inside the box. However, to create an air of thrill and excitement, you need an astonishing outlook. Humans like colorful and decorated things. The same is the case with gift-giving. You can make their unboxing special and enjoyable by printing certain designs on the gift boxes. You can make floral prints or patterns with attractive designs. Moreover, for add-ons, we offer gold and silver foiling to make your package extra-ordinary. However, if you are unsure about how to make a perfect gift pack, seek help from our expert designers.


Why Choose ICM Packaging for Custom Gift Boxes?

ICM Packaging offers elegant packaging and printing for all your personal and professional aspects. Furthermore, we have mechanically developed digital and offset printing to guarantee that all the packaging boxes have incomparable quality. We make Cardboard Gift Boxes in multiple styles including Double Locked Wall lids, Double Wall Tuck Front Boxes, Gable Bags, Gable Box Auto Bottom, and much more.

We are here to assist you in making catchy custom packaging boxes for your gifts. Moreover, we create Custom Gift Boxes at low rates with maximum quality. We always have prioritized pleasing our customers with our quality services. Our HD quality printing and fascinating add-ons will enhance the outlook of your gift packaging.

Visit us to get a heart-winning box for your loved one at a reasonable rate.