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Vape Cartridge Packaging

Vape Cartridge Packaging



A vape is also known as an electronic cigarette. It is a device that gets used to inhaling vapors of e-juice. So instead of smoking, the user can inhale vapors. And the process of inhaling those vapors is known as vaping. Meanwhile, the packaging that keeps such devices safe is known as Vape Cartridge packaging. But first, let us discuss what vape exactly is and its components.

A vape contains the following parts:

  • A battery or a power source.
  • Atomizer.
  • A mouthpiece that helps us to inhale vapors.
  • A container with which the liquid(e-juice) lies.

Let us discuss these parts and their functions briefly.

  • As you would have already guessed, the battery powers the vape. Sometimes batteries are rechargeable. 
  • Atomizer sometimes is built into the vape. Or, in some cases, they come with a vape as a separate piece. But what is its role? An atomizer is, essentially, what turns the liquid into vapors. An atomizer is what makes a vape works. 
  • And the last one is the container in which we fill the desired juice, which is, often, nicotine. The liquid used in the vape is often flavored. 
  • Lastly, the mouthpiece through which the user inhales the vapors.

Different styles for vape cartridge packaging:

Two-piece boxes:

In two-piece boxes, the item or vape lies in the container. And we cover it with a lid. These boxes appear to be luxurious and elegant. 

These boxes could get customized with various designs. And we can also overlap them with foil, fabric, or textured paper.

Custom Vape Boxes with inserts:

These packaging boxes can be manufactured with any organic packaging material. These boxes have an insert fixed onto the container. 

The item can simply stay in one place. Such boxes could get designed in any style and are very useful.

The customers can also carry these boxes in their bags without worrying about external pressure.

Flip-top boxes:

You must have seen these boxes for a cigarette. These packages have a flip top that allows us to take the item out of the box comfortably.

Some sellers also use inserts with these boxes. But these inserts are not fixed. And when you take the product out, the insert comes out of the box.

Window boxes:

When we merge product packaging into a display box, we get ourselves a window box. The stock could simply peek out of the box. And the customers can inspect the item’s appearance and can decide whether they want it or not. 

Magnetic vape cartridge packaging:

These boxes are luxurious, expensive, and elegant. When you hold the box in your hand, you will know what a deluxe box is.

These boxes contain a magnet in their flap and its container. Such packages also have a fixated insert in them. Many people prefer to overlap these boxes with foil or fabric to enhance their look.

Vape display boxes:

Every product requires a display that could represent all its features and highlight it in a store filled with products. There are also some custom displays for vape products. 

Customization options for vape cartridge packaging:

Let us discuss some ways to customize our cannabis cartridge packaging.


Overlapping our packaging boxes with metalized foil is the process of foiling. In this process, we use heat and pressure with some other equipment. 

You can cover the whole box with foil. Or can also customize the logo, slogan, or other crucial factors.

Embossing and Engraving:

Engraving and embossing give an enhanced look to our brand identity. With this technique, our logo and slogan could be visible from some distance. These processes use metalized foil or dry colors to achieve the desired results. 

In engraving, we carve out our design from its surroundings and fill the façade with gold or silver foil. Meanwhile, in embossing, the design puffs out of the surface, furnishing a 3-Dimensional appearance. Customizing our logo or design with gold in the process of embossing is more apparent than in engraving.

Digital printing:

Digital printing is used everywhere in the world. It has gained popularity because it does not take much time. Digital printing can also customize various materials such as fabric, paper, posters, etc.

Screen printing:

Screen printing is helpful when we want luxurious-looking packaging. The ink that we use in this process is of low viscosity. So whenever we smear the ink onto the design, the ink could get absorbed into Vape Cartridge packaging. And due to this, the surface becomes sleek. And hence screen printing is also named sleek screen printing.

But during this process, we also must have to be careful of the ink. And must use some equipment to control its flow.

Features the vape cartridge packaging should have:

Let us discuss some features that your custom vape boxes must hold.


Vape and Juul are the products that must be kept out of the reach of children. Children are always curious about things and can use them to satisfy their curiosity. Meanwhile, they can also handle the product carelessly. And all this leads to a very stressful situation.

Use child-proof packaging. And but exactly is that? A packaging that is not that easy to open and is complex to understand. For example, it might take a child forever to take the item out from a fixed cardboard insert. 


Custom Vape Boxes keep the vape safe. Meanwhile, lamination keeps the case safe from harmful factors. Other than that, it also helps us to give a glossy and sleek look to our packaging. 

Gloss lamination reflects the light hence giving a glossy look. Meanwhile, matte lamination gives a mysterious vibe to our packaging. That’s why companies use this lamination for their expensive products to increase the value. 


A vape contains several components, and many of them are vulnerable. Many vape manufacturers are using glass containers for their vape products. And we already know with infrequent external pressure, they could break. 

Use a rigid packaging material or a cardboard box. Both of these boxes can bear the pressure and keep the item secure. But having a protected case is not about keeping it safe from external factors. A secure packaging must also keep the object safe from invisible factors such as dampness and radiation.


No matter what the product you sell, you could devalue it the moment you use non-organic packaging. People are getting creative with organic packaging. 

YouTubers, influencers, and celebrities have started the challenge to only use products having organic packaging. And all of this has affected that market massively. 

Non-organic products end up staying on the shelf for a very long time. And as you must guess, the item could also go wrong while staying on the shelf.

In the case of vaping, e-juice or nicotine does not have an expiration date. But some people believe that it’s better to use them within six months.


A unique box is like a magnet that attracts customers to your product. Even if a passer-by hasn’t seen your product or heard of the brand, they could buy your product. And it would be all thanks to your packaging; that’s why e-liquid packaging boxes are vibrant and colorful to attract people to try new flavors, which overall helps increase sales. So, always try to make your boxes unique and attractive.

These days designers are getting more creative, and different styles of custom cartridge packaging are getting introduced. But other than that, various customization techniques are also getting adopted to give our box an enhanced look. 

So with the help of technology and a creative mind, we can create a masterpiece. And such packaging can efficiently increase our net sales and at the same time can act as a marketing strategy.

Why is the branding of vape cartridge packaging important?

Never forget to print your brand identity onto the box. These days every product requires packaging that could represent it elegantly. And we can never make our branding appear professional without a trademark. 

But a company trademark weighs to be so crucial in packaging? When we purchase a product, we search for its brand. If the brand seems promising enough, we buy the item instantly.

Meanwhile, a brand slogan is a short phrase defining the aim of the enterprise. Print both of these factors side to side for an enhanced look.

Where to buy Vape Cartridge packaging?

No matter what product we sell or which box we use, we always look for a perfect one. And while searching for a packaging company, you must have all the requirements in your mind. 

When you visit a website, compare the products. Compare the same packaging box from each company and note their features. And that is the only way to get high-quality packaging. 

Contact a professional provider that can understand your requirements. And they should also provide you with the material at a moderate price. Among hundreds of packaging companies in the world, ICM has gained its customer’s trust. The staff at the company makes sure that customers receive high-quality Vape Cartridge packaging at their doorstep.