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Custom lip balm boxes help us identify which brand the product belongs to. And also what ingredients are involved in the item. It is safe to say that the quality of packaging matters more than the quality of the product these days. Before discussing packaging, let us first briefly discuss cosmetics.

The use of cosmetics has increased drastically. The first thing we do before going out for work is to put on makeup. Every cosmetic product is pretty popular among people. But there is one product which is liked by every person regardless of their age. And that is lip balm.

Lip balm is a product that provides moisture to our lips and makes them soft by protecting them from harmful radiations. But the competition has also increased in the industry. Many brands are selling the same product. And the only thing that makes a difference is the packaging.

It also highlights our product and attracts customers. But the question is can we start a lip balm business in this competitive time? If yes, then what lip balm packaging boxes should we use? What features should the box hold, and how should we customize it?

If you are curious, then keep reading. Let us discuss everything you need to know about lip balm boxes.

How to give a professional look to our lip balm boxes?

There are various ways to customize a packaging box. But it all depends on how we do so and what exactly our strategy is. The branding of the box represents the brands and always needs to be professionals. If your lip balm packaging boxes successfully make the customer curious about the item, consider your product sold. Otherwise, your product won’t be visible to the customers. Let us discuss some tips and tricks to give an elegant and wholesome look to our boxes.

Customizing with printing techniques:

There are various printing methods, and each technique can give a different look to the box. Let us discuss these methods briefly to understand how we could customize our custom lip balm boxes professionally. Digital printing is the method of printing digital files onto the packaging material. The file could get downloaded from the internet, which makes this step super quick and efficient. This method is pretty popular all over the world.

Screen printing is the method of imprinting a design onto the material using low viscosity ink. Different equipment gets used in this process to smear and control the flow of ink. The low viscosity of the ink gives the lip balm display box a sleek and shiny look.

Engraving is the process of carving your brand identity onto the box. The lip balm boxes are small, so it is better to chisel the logo onto the display boxes. And if you wish to give a modern 3D look, then use the process of embossing. 

Using the right color palette:

Colors affect our choices and also alter the way we make decisions. If we end up using the wrong color for our custom lip balm boxes, we could ruin the whole branding if an appropriate color palette could increase product worth. Then a wrong one could destroy the brand’s reputation.

Now the question arises what color palette should we use for our lip balm boxes? It solely depends on your company’s theme. You can use any color you want as long as each pigment harmonizes with one another.

Highlighting the brand identity:

Highlighting the brand identity is not that difficult of a task. All you need to do is study the dimensions, shape, and size of lip balm packaging boxes. And consider the logo placement. Other than that, print in your slogan alongside the trademark. But make sure that you use the appropriate font and color.

Imprinting relevant information:

Every cosmetic product needs to be presented professionally. We would have to tell the customer everything related to the product. For example, we would always have to imprint information like:

  • The product’s expiration date,
  • the item’s manufacture date,
  • the ingredients used in the manufacturing process,
  • the company contact info,
  • the company’s location,
  • the emergency contact number of the company,
  • the price of the product,
  • And additional taxes.

Use lamination:

Lamination onto the packaging boxes keeps the box safe and secure from harsh environmental factors. Meanwhile, it also keeps the item safe from moisture that could affect the product negatively. Lamination on the lip balm boxes wholesale has become a crucial step lately.

Use flexible and organic packaging:

The product that comes in direct contact with one’s skin needs organic packaging. Non-organic packaging boxes are considered lethal. They emit harmful radiation, which affects the item. And it also alters and lessens the product’s shelf life. 

But when we use organic packaging, we do not have to worry about such factors. An organic packaging decomposes on its own without emitting any radiation. Other than that, use a flexible packaging material. But why? An adjustable lip balm display box will make it easy to place the product into the case. And also bring ease to customers as they can take the item out of the box comfortably.

Role of Lip balm display boxes:

No matter what product you launch in the market, it needs to get promoted. Sometimes, it is easy for us to promote a product. For example, a lip balm could get promoted with the help of a display box. You must have noticed that in a shop, a display lies on the counter. That display is commonly known as a countertop display and often holds lip gloss boxes, chocolate, gums, or tissue papers. 

These displays get used to promote the smaller products that are not much visible. Whenever you display your lip balm in a lip balm display box, there are chances that the customer buys it the moment he goes to the counter for checkout.

Where to get perfect lip balm boxes?

The appearance of a product can make a customer fall in love with the product instantly. But getting ourselves such a box is not an easy task. We would have to look for a packaging company that 

  • provide high-quality boxes,
  • have the latest technology to work with,
  • produce organic packaging boxes,
  • provide the products at a reasonable price,
  • and must have some years of experience. 

Now, looking for such a company might not always be an easy task. There are thousands of packaging companies around the globe, and each one of them provides different services and products. Amongst all of these companies, ICM is the choice of people. ICM is the leading USA-based company that is serving its customers around the globe. Now contact ICM for custom lip balm boxes and witness your business flourish.