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Custom Invitation Boxes

Custom Invitation Boxes



Do you want Custom Invitation boxes to pack your invitation cards? Are you searching for an ideal way to invite your loved ones to a special event? Well! We have some exciting packaging solutions for you.

ICM Packaging provides you an opportunity to customize your Invitation boxes according to your demand. We are experts at creating unique packaging solutions for multiple fields. Thus, something like invitation boxes is what we proficiently create.

We offer a wide collection of materials for invitation packaging boxes such as Kraft, Corrugated, paper, Rigid, and cardboard. All these materials are appealing and useful in their uses and applications.

By getting these boxes, you are not just inviting your dear ones, but also giving the message that you care about the environment. These boxes prove your responsibility towards the ecosystem and represent you as a protector of the environment.

Another feature that separates us from the crowd is that we offer invitation packaging at lower rates. The economy is an important factor in business. We understand that you need to invest in other areas as well. Therefore, we put less burden on your pocket by offering cost-effective solutions.


Custom Invitation Boxes – An Innovative Way to Pack Your Invitation Cards


Whenever someone arranges a function, he always tries to give an invitation in a new and exciting way. This is because everyone wants to see a huge smile on their guests’ faces. Therefore, each person sends an invitation in a different way

Custom boxes are the best idea in this regard. These custom invitation boxes can please your loved ones and bring smiles to their faces. However, creating a stylish box for an invitation can be a tricky thing. Therefore, you must work on the appearance of these invitation packaging boxes to make them extra special.

How To Design A Perfect Invitation Box for an Occasion?

It depends on the nature of the event for which you are making the invitation box. However, there are some elements that you can add to every kind of box to make it alluring.

Exceptional Printing

The first and the most important thing is custom printing of the box. Custom printing makes your box stylish and chic. Printing different patterns with suitable color combinations on the boxes can be an effective idea. Moreover, you can print floral patterns or abstract prints to make them prettier and eye-catchy.

Graphics can also add glamor and charm to your invitation packing. If you are making birthday invitation boxes than it would be best to print cartoon graphics or toys on the box.

First-Rate Finishing

The second thing that makes an invitation box super-special is coating or finishing. The coating is necessary to give a final look at the box. ‘Which coating should be chosen’ is the question that would arrive in your mind. The best idea is to look at the type of occasion and material of your box. For example, for birthdays or weddings, you should give your boxes a glossy appearance. However, matte would be best if you need invitation boxes for a business party. Moreover, for informal parties, you can choose spot UV or gloss coating.

Custom Features

The third and last thing to add a touch of glitz is the custom features or elements that you can add to your boxes. For example, you can ask us to make custom inserts to hold invitation cards effectively. Moreover, for wedding invitation boxes, it is best to add red silk ribbons to the boxes. For your beloved’s birthday or marriage anniversary, you can add stylish custom windows or die-cuts in heart form. This will show your love to your partner.

Shapes for Custom Invitation Boxes

In addition, make your boxes in custom shape to create an exclusive impact on the mind of the invitee. You can choose to make boxes in the following shapes

  • Square
  • Rectangle
  • Circular
  • Triangular
  • Heart-shaped
  • Pyramid
  • Hexagon
  • Pentagon
  • Sleeve and Tray Box
  • Or any other custom shape

Rigid Boxes – A Luxury Invitation to Make Your Event Unforgettable


Among all other types, rigid material is the best option to go for luxury invitation packaging. They are pretty sturdy and useful to store precious cards. Rigid stock is the preferable option for wedding invitations, anniversaries, parties, and other formal events. Moreover, Rigid boxes make the invitation extraordinarily pleasing because of their beauty and texture. Everyone loves to get a fancy rigid box adorned with ribbons and stylish coatings. You can also emboss or deboss your logo on a rigid invitation box. Rigid boxes decorated with gold or silver foiling look elegant and add an exclusive feel to the invitation cards.

Are you still thinking and not getting a clear idea of your dream box? The creative designers at ICM Packaging will assist you in making your box exclusive for your special event. They will guide you at each step of production, till the delivery. Just tell us what type of box you need and we will transform your preferences into your dream box. You just need to provide necessary information to us about the shape, size, color combination, and event for which you’re creating boxes. All the designing services will be provided to you at no cost. Just share your ideas and we will design the artwork for you.

Why Choose ICM Packaging for Invitation Packaging?


ICM Packaging is a famous name in the printing and packaging industry due to its unrivaled services. Our team makes great efforts to make our clients happy and comfortable. ICM Packaging has more than 5,000 reliable and satisfied clients who have enhanced our belief in our endeavors. We have modern equipment and printing techniques to make your packaging cutting-edge. We hire hardworking and passionate workers who put their consistent efforts into making your box memorable.

You don’t need to worry if you have joined hands with us for custom invitation boxes. Everything will be handled by our team. Just feel comfortable about your prospective box because we check and recheck each box several times. Moreover, we make sure you do not get a defective piece. Moreover, we offer free shipping to our customers so that they might not get trouble receiving their products.

Thus, join hands with us and get brilliant packaging solutions and a friendly customer experience.