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Custom Coffee Boxes



Custom Coffee Boxes not only play one role but play multiple. It has to secure the product, preserve the flavor and positively affect the brand sales. But before discussing all of this, let us look at the history. And the usage of coffee around the globe. When we are talking about coffee, a question arises in our minds. Which country produces the most coffee. And which one consumes it the most? 

Brazil is the country known to be the largest coffee producer in the world. Meanwhile, Finland is the biggest consumer of coffee. The United States scores the 25th rank in coffee consumption. These days we cannot start our day without having a cup of coffee. It has become a habit of ours to make coffee in the morning. Otherwise, we have a hard time doing the most uncomplicated task.

But have you ever wondered how your favorite flavorful coffee reaches you? How do the sellers preserve its flavor that the shiny coffee beans do not lose their flavor? Well, it’s all thanks to the packaging boxes that especially get customized for coffee. Every brand has a specific and attractive custom coffee packaging for its clients. 

But if we were to launch our brand, then what packaging box should we use? What features should our cases have? If you are wondering about these questions, then keep reading. In this article, let us discuss everything you need to know about custom coffee boxes. And where to get your perfect packaging boxes.

Types of custom coffee boxes:

These days various types of boxes are getting manufactured in multiple styles to attract customers. 

Custom Kraft boxes:

This custom coffee packaging is the perfect choice for edible products. They secure the item perfectly while representing it with elegance. Get them manufactured in custom sizes and represent your product professionally.

Coffee subscription boxes:

Subscription boxes contain everything for a coffee lover. Subscribers enjoy various types of coffees, all within one package. For such products, companies prefer to use custom coffee boxes. The seller could get them manufactured to his choice and standard.

Luxurious Coffee boxes:

These boxes always get customized with sturdy packaging material to add glamor to the product. The sturdier a box is, the fancier it seems. Many well-known brands prefer to use colors like black, brownish, and white for their coffee and tea packaging. These colors represent simplicity and elegance.

Zipper bags:

These are the classic bags that never fail in making our life easy. These bags have a zipper that locks the product’s freshness and aroma. So whenever you would have a cup of coffee, you could taste the flavors. These bags could get customized in various styles. For example, you could add a grip on the bag for the customer to carry around the product.

Customize custom coffee boxes using various techniques:

There are various techniques to customize a coffee packaging box. No matter what approach you use, it might not work out if you are not creative enough. So always have an idea or rough sketch in your mind about how your packaging should look like.

Digital printing:

It is the method of printing an electronic file onto the custom coffee packaging. The e-file could get downloaded from the internet. Meanwhile, Or the designer designs it by hand on software. If you think you are creative enough, it might be the time to show off your skills. Otherwise, it would be wise to hire a designer. 

Screen printing:

Screen printing is when we use a mesh and some equipment to control the ink flow. The machine manages the ink’s low viscosity in this process to efficiently print on the surface of the material. It helps us to print a high-quality image onto the material. Meanwhile, it also does not take much time for the ink to dry. 

Engraving and Embossing:

Everyone these days knows what exactly is the engraved design. But the question is why these methods got so popular? And what features of them are beneficial for our business? Engraving is the process of carving out the design and filling in the surface with colors or foils. 

Meanwhile, embossing is the opposite process. In embossing, we use a heat source to create a 3-dimensional design. Both of these processes highlight your brand identity. And people could also recognize your product packaging from some distance.


Gravure is the printing method with which we can customize multiple packaging materials in no time. It consists of a combination of the cylinder, an ink bath, and a scraper. The scraper rubs off the excess ink from the cylinder.

The gravure process is as follows:

The cylinder has an illustration etched onto it. Meanwhile, it also has an ink bath beneath it. In this way, the cylinder passes the image onto the material’s surface when it passes through it. Another cylinder pushes down the material for a high-quality design. The ink that gets used in this process is organic and also dries quickly. Such a process gives a sleek look to our Custom Coffee Boxes wholesale.  

Simple is the new fancy:

These days nothing attracts us more than sophisticated packaging. The more elegant our box appears, the fancier our packaging looks. But the question is, what is simplistic packaging? Everyone might have a different definition of this matter. An elegant coffee packaging box has a unique wrapping that gets customized with soothing colors.

Avoid overly customizing your boxes, and always place your brand logo at the front of the box where it would be most visible. In this way, we highlight our brand identity by just following some tips and tricks. 

Which packaging company to choose?

Choosing a packaging company has become a difficult task due to the increase in competition. There are so many companies around us that we do not know which brand provides high-quality products. But there are some ways to do so.

First of all, search for custom coffee packaging companies near you. Then, visit their website. After visiting the site, note down the products they offer and compare all the services. If you are still feeling confused, do call them and ask them relevant questions. They could help you and guide you through all the processes.

ICM is the leading brand that provides its customers with high-quality packaging boxes. Such packaging boxes can help you to impress your customers at the very first glimpse. Now, what are you waiting for? Launch your product with confidence using elegant Custom Coffee Boxes.