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Custom Kraft Boxes

Custom Kraft Boxes



Products of the different brands have unique features that make them distinct. And the same way, different packaging boxes also have unique characteristics. But have you ever wondered what makes a packaging box perfect? Well, for some reason, custom kraft boxes are receiving the popularity they deserve. But what makes them ideal and appealing? 

Kraft boxes are brown, which represents reliability, comfort, and strength. But when we use a brown box for our products, it makes them look wholesome and organic. That is why most organic products have kraft packaging. And through that packaging, one determines that the product is organic from afar.  

Let us discuss the features, advantages, and customization options for these boxes. And how to use them to generate ultimate profit in our business.

How do Custom Kraft boxes get manufactured?

The material used to manufacture kraft boxes is 100% recyclable. The unbleached paper pulp or pine pulp makes these boxes 100% organic and safe to use. Hence the product kept in these boxes would not be in any danger. Most sellers also assemble these boxes with a safe adhesive. In this way, they keep the packaging pure. 

Uses of Kraft Packaging:

We cannot ignore the importance of packaging boxes. But not every box is as perfect as kraft packaging. Let us tell you what makes these boxes perfect and wholesome. 

  • These packaging boxes are organic and secure. They do not emit any harmful radiation nor let the radiation enter the box. Hence the item stays safe and fresh. Due to this feature, this box weighs to be used for food items. 
  • These packaging boxes absorb moisture, making them perfect for food items. Many vendors use these boxes to keep the product fresh.
  • Kraft packaging boxes are cost-effective, so they prove to be useful for sellers. Retailers can buy these boxes in a reasonable amount, and customization cost is also less. These boxes allow us to generate the most profit. 
  • Custom Kraft Boxes do not get assembled with any harmful adhesive. So the product does not affect in any way.
  • Kraft boxes are flexible, which is useful for manufacturers and retailers.
  • These boxes are sturdy hence keeping the item safe from external pressure. 
  • Kraft packaging boxes are often used for gifts due to their appearance.
  • These boxes secure every product from harm.

Benefits of Kraft Packaging Boxes:

We always prefer to use packaging boxes that are of superior quality. We look for different characteristics in packaging boxes to get a perfect box. And all such features remain in Kraft packaging. These boxes are not only recyclable but also do not tear apart. So do not waste your time and use these boxes for your products.

Types of Kraft boxes:

Companies are using different materials for manufacturing these boxes. Each of these materials has unique features that set them apart. Among one of those is kraft paper. Kraft paper manufactures boxes in different and unique styles. Let us discuss some of them.

Kraft jewelry boxes:

Jewelry is a product that requires excessive protection from external harm. One cannot keep their precious gems safe if they do not use the right box. But the problem is many sellers manufacture the box with non-organic material. For example, they use plastic or harmful adhesive to assemble the box. But once your manufacturer uses kraft paper, you do not have to worry about anything. Kraft jewelry boxes are 100% eco-friendly and safe.

Kraft pillow boxes wholesale:

Pillow boxes allow us to give presents to our loved ones uniquely. These boxes have a unique style that sets them apart from other boxes. That is why these boxes typically get used for presents or confectionaries. Meanwhile, the structure of these boxes allows them to keep the item safe from harm. You can customize these packaging however you want. 

• Custom Printed kraft boxes:

Printed kraft boxes allow us to convey info to our customers. Manufacturers use the following customization techniques:

  • Screen printing.
  • Digital printing.
  • Gravure.
  • Flexography.
  • Engraving.
  • Embossing.
  • Each technique gives a different and unique look to our boxes. Meanwhile, you can also use ribbons with your kraft box to enhance its look.

Kraft soap packaging:

There is no limit on creativity you can use when it comes to soap packaging. Soap allows us to design the packaging however we want. And hence many sellers are being creative and are launching the product with a unique box.

The ultimate packaging box for soap is the packaging sleeve. It only covers the product and highlights the crucial info on the box. The sleeve is cost-effective, organic, and useful for both sellers and buyers. 

Kraft mailer boxes:

A mailer box has an interlocking flap and wings to close the box. It does not require any adhesive to be assembled. The use of these boxes is increasing every day. These boxes weigh to be organic. And lessen the waste generation as less paper is used to manufacture them. You can use these boxes to secure items no matter what product you sell. 

Vendors use these boxes for food items or can be used as gift boxes. Customize these Custom Kraft Boxes however you want with texture, pattern, or design. And let your brand be known to the world.

Kraft Display boxes and their usage:

The use of display boxes is increasing drastically. Not only do we use them to secure our products. But it also showcases the item professionally. And that is why kraft material is getting used to manufacture displays.

Displays are a sort of packaging that showcases the product and the brand. These Kraft Boxes Wholesale help us increase our sales and stand out in the crowd. Meanwhile, the seller can imprint any additional information on the box to help the client. Another advantage of display boxes is that they are organic, flexible, and recyclable. The kraft display receiving the most favorite is:

Countertop kraft display box:

These packaging boxes get designed to be placed on the shelf. It holds small items like chapsticks, confectionaries, tissues, chewing gum, or chocolates. In short, these boxes hold items that one might forget to purchase. And once the item gets placed on the countertop, customers can purchase it on the go.

These packaging boxes allow us to customize them professionally. Meanwhile, their organic nature allows us to keep waste generation to a minimum.

Ways to customize Kraft Boxes Wholesale:

The way you want to customize your box depends on the product. Each item has unique features and requires different techniques to get customized. For example, many luxurious brands tend to carve the logo into the box. Meanwhile, some want to keep it simple. So, in the end, it depends on the product, its features, price, and quality. 

Now while customizing your Custom Kraft Boxes, make them look modern. If the box seems boring, it might not attract customers. These days packaging boxes showcase the products. So customers always examine the packaging before buying the item. Make sure to impress the customers as quickly as possible. Highlight all the essential things on the box. Imprint the unique features of the product. And tell the customers what makes your product one of a kind. 

Now when it comes to the color of the packaging, we can’t point out a color palette. Colors play a crucial role in our lives and change how we decide to buy an item. So always go for a color that is likable and neutral. In such a case, Kraft boxes seem perfect because they are brown. 

Why should you consider ICM?

Realizing the importance of packaging is crucial. And after that, one can design a box that showcases the product elegantly. ICM has the suited methods to manufacture the packaging of your dreams. They have a team that can guide you through the process. Meanwhile, through the form available on the website, you can place your order in no time. All this saves time and effort. They have the latest technology to customize the packaging and make them look trendy. That is why ICM has repeated customers. So get yourself the Custom Kraft Boxes and make your product visible on the shelf.