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Custom Corrugated Boxes

Custom Corrugated Boxes



The use of custom corrugated boxes has increased. These packaging boxes are getting used in every industry. We all know how much of a role packaging plays in our sales. If the box does not seem promising, our product will not be able to attract customers. But how about having a box that serves the look and secures the product at the same time? Yes, it is possible to have such a box for your product. And that is a corrugated box. These packaging boxes are getting manufactured in different styles. And also have different flute types. We will discuss all that later. But first, let us discuss an important question. Is a cardboard box the same as a corrugated box?

Most people consider cardboard and corrugated boxes the same thing. But that is not true as both of these materials are different in nature. Let us also discuss everything you need to know about corrugated packaging. And how it affects our business.

Custom Corrugated boxes VS Cardboard boxes, the difference:

The difference not only lies in appearance but also in nature. Corrugated packaging boxes weigh to be more durable than cardboard boxes. Cardboard boxes get manufactured from thick paper pulp. In this way, we can say that cardboard is a thick paper sheet. But corrugated packaging has layers. It contains three layers, the insider liner, outside liner, and a flute between. Such a sort of structure makes our packing durable and sturdier than any other material.

Another difference between the two is the strength-to-weight ratio. Although cardboard weighs to be lightweight, corrugated sheets are much lighter. Corrugated packaging is also customizable and can bear external pressure. If cardboard can absorb moisture, corrugated packaging keeps the product safe from moisture. That is why corrugated packaging weighs to be perfect for shipping products.

Features of custom corrugated boxes:

There are thousands of packaging boxes in the market. And each one of them gets used for different products having unique features. But if we get ourselves a box that seems perfect for every product? Well, then what could be better than using a corrugated box. These custom printed cardboard boxes deserve the hype they receive in the market. But let us discuss the features that make these boxes perfect.


Not every packaging is sturdy enough to secure the item from harm. And that is why people prefer to use cardboard or corrugated boxes for fragile items. Custom corrugated boxes wholesale are getting manufactured in layers. And the three layers form a structure that makes the packaging box rigid. That is why these boxes never get out of shape, even under pressure.


The use of organic packaging is not an option anymore; it’s a necessity. If you still use a non-organic packing box for your product, you might suffer from loss. That is why retailers prefer to use corrugated packaging due to its versatility. Sellers manufacture these boxes in different styles to keep the items secure. So if the product is fragile like electronics, corrugated packaging can keep it safe.


A heavy-duty shipping box allows us to move several products all at once. Not only do these boxes keep the item placed in them safe and sound. But it is also easy for a person to load these boxes into the vehicle. In short, these boxes are helpful for both the sellers and the client.


A cost-effective box helps us to generate more revenue by lessening our expenses. Now, many people think that using a sturdier box might cost them a lot. But that is not true, as a corrugated packaging box is one of the cheap packaging boxes out there.


A packaging box that follows the 3R of sustainability always impresses the customers. The 3R is: Recycle, Reduce and Reuse. With corrugated boxes, we can recycle them and reuse them as storage boxes. These packaging boxes are 100% organic due to no usage of harmful chemicals. Meanwhile, no adhesive gets used to assemble them. In this way, our fragile item stays safe and secure from any harm.

Reduce waste generation:

How do we reduce waste generation using custom cardboard boxes cheap? Well, many people recycle old products. And in this way, they reduce the waste. Meanwhile, others reuse certain products to reduce waste. Corrugated boxes follow the 3R of sustainability, proving helpful in this regard.

Do not tear apart:

Corrugated packaging boxes might not be water-resistant. These boxes can absorb water as quickly as a cardboard box. Due to the tear-resistant feature of the corrugated box, we can keep our product safe.

Easy to customize:

Cardboard and corrugated packaging can get customized with various techniques. Most sellers prefer only to imprint some instruction on managing the load. And print brand logos on their custom corrugated shipping boxes. In this way, they keep their packaging professional yet straightforward.


Printed Corrugated Boxes are lightweight and weigh to be perfect for shipping.

Flute used in corrugated boxes:

Let us discuss some of the flute types to understand the structure of these boxes.

  • Type A Flute:

A-flute is a corrugated flute that gets used for fragile items needing extra protection. A flute is much stiffer and provides cushion to the product keeping them safe.

  • Type B Flute:

The B-flute is thinner than the A-flute but still sturdy enough to provide protection. This type of flute often gets used to manufacturing display boxes.

  • Type C Flute:

The most used flute is the C-flute. It provides good cushioning. Packaging of glass products, furniture, and dairy products is manufactured with C flute.

  • Type E Flute:

The E-flute is much thinner and considered a paperboard due to the same thickness. Manufacturers use E-flutes to manufacture folding cartons. Like C-flute, E-flute also has good printing properties.

  • Type F Flute:

The F-flute is the thinnest among all other flutes. Due to its thin structure, it is easy to imprint it with various designs.

Different styles of Printed Corrugated Boxes:

There are different styles of corrugated packaging boxes. Different products use unique packaging depending on their nature.

  • Regular Slotted Container.
  • Overlap slotted container.
  • Full Overlap slotted container.
  • Regular slotted container with internal divider.
  • Telescopic box.
  • Folders.

Products for which these boxes are used:


The use of corrugated packaging in the shoe industry is not new. The shoe industry uses corrugated packaging because of its safe nature. These boxes do not contain any harmful chemicals that could affect the costly shoe wear. That is why sellers have been using these boxes for quite some years.

Fragile items or luxurious items:

There are different types of flutes. And each one of them offers a different level of protection. If you handle fragile products, you can use the flute of your choice. Corrugated packaging gives a seller freedom of what to choose for their products.

For shipping:

Packing a product and then placing them on top of each other might affect them if we do not use the correct box. But when you have custom corrugated boxes, you do not have to worry about anything.


Whether you buy a new refrigerator or an oven, they might come in a corrugated box. Sellers use these boxes to provide cushions to fragile products.


Corrugated packaging seems like the safest option for a food item. And the reason is simple. These boxes don’t contain any harmful chemicals that could affect the food in any way.


Packing a medicine in custom size cardboard boxes weighs to be perfect. These boxes are perfect in any way possible and keep those medicines safe. Meanwhile, these boxes do not allow radiation to hit the product.

Used to manufacture display boxes:

Manufacturers use type B-flute to manufacture display boxes. Displays showcase new products in the market.

The best printed corrugated boxes manufacturers:

Corrugated packaging boxes might play a significant role in our lives. But one should always be careful of the supplier. You must reach the right manufacturer to get yourself a high-quality packaging box. But due to the competition, it might get tricky to find the right seller. 

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