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Nail Polish Packaging Boxes

Nail Polish Packaging Boxes



Cosmetics play a crucial role in our lives. It is safe to say that we cannot step out of our houses without applying makeup. And prepping our nails is a must thing to do. The role makeup plays in our life is similar to that of Nail Polish Packaging Boxes in the makeup industry. Before discussing these boxes, let us first discuss some facts about nail polish.

  • The history of nail polish dates back to china. And the ingredients used for nail polish in 3000 BC were: gelatin, beeswax, egg whites, dyes, etc. 
  • Rich people in 3000 BC used to paint their nails with dark dyes such as red or gold. Meanwhile, commoners used to dye their nails with light shades.
  • Nail polish sales reached 768 million dollars, hence increasing nearly 32% that of the previous year.
  • Revlon launched the first modern nail polish in 1920.
  • According to a survey in 2020, it is estimated that more than 100 million women use nail polish? And these statistics are only limited to the United States. 

Well, there are many amazing facts about nail polish. But the way we choose them also reflects our state of mind. As every nail polish has different colors, we choose them depending on our mood. But there is something that affects our choices exceedingly. And that is the packaging boxes. 

Due to the increase in the demand for nail polish, the competition has also increased. But what should we do if we were to launch our brand in the market? Are there any chances we might be able to sell our products in the market? Well, if you are curious about all these questions, then keep reading. Let us discuss everything you need to know about nail polish packaging.

Why are attractive nail polish packaging boxes important?

The purpose of nail polish is to decorate your nails. And the same role is played by packaging boxes. They make sure that the product gets displayed professionally. Meanwhile, it also attracts customers. But do you know if your packaging box is elegant enough, it can also promote your brand?

No matter how much you promote your brand, the packaging could affect your brand image. Let’s take an example. You start promoting your product and succeed in attracting a customer through your video ad. Now, the customer would visit the market to purchase your product. But if the nail polish boxes wholesale happen to be ugly, the customer would not buy it and end up being disappointed. Whereas if the packaging looks promising enough, you could efficiently sell your products.

So the only way to make our boxes presentable is to customize them properly. Let us discuss some printing methods for better understanding.

Different printing techniques for a unique look:

Digital printing is the method of printing electronic files onto our packaging boxes. Many packaging firms are using this technique because it is time effective, efficient and a cost-effective approach.

Screen printing is a technique that gives a sleek look to our boxes. The low viscosity of the ink makes it possible for it to absorb into the box. And give the packaging a lifelong design and smooth texture. 

Gravure method prints the bulk of the material in a limited time. This method contains a cylinder that presses the design onto the box. And hence the design is of high quality and lasts longer. 

Each technique ends up giving a different look to our boxes. But then again, it all depends on what type of look you’re going for and how creative you think. 

Importance of brand logo on the box:

Brand identity plays a crucial role in our business. If your brand is not well known, you face difficulties in selling your products around the world. Let us take an example. When you sell your product through a platform, you can not score a customer that easily. For example, selling your skills on freelancing platforms. But after having good reviews on your profile, you would face no difficulty attracting your next client. 

The way a review on a profile attracts a customer is similar to that of packaging boxes. Custom nail polish boxes also attract a customer and make them purchase your product. But if the case does not have a brand identity printed on it, it loses its value.

A company logo is a sign that that product is authentic. And customers purchase it confidently after seeing a promising logo on the box. Meanwhile, the brand slogan promotes a brand by telling the customer what the brand stands for.

Ways to highlight a brand identity:

There are two effective ways to highlight a brand identity. If you want to represent your brand uniquely, then customize them with engraving. It is a process of carving in the design onto the box surface. And then filling in the facade with dry colors or metalized foils. Most people prefer to use gold foil as it gives a rich and modern look to the box. 

Meanwhile, embossing is the process of giving a 3D look to our design. In this process, heat and pressure create the design required. In embossing, it gets easier to apply foil on the puffed-out design. Such a type of design is better when we get ourselves customized packaging for our lip gloss boxes.

Why your nail polish packaging needs to be simple:

A packaging box must be elegant enough to attract customers. People purchase products that look promising and of high quality. But the thing to notice here is that elegant packaging never fails in increasing product worth. When we hold an expensive box in our hands, placing the product back on the shelf gets difficult. And the item ends up in our shopping cart. 

But what exactly is simple and elegant packaging? A box that does not have excess or irrelevant info printed on it. It should only contain the relevant data. Do overflow your box with texture, design, or pattern. Try to keep it simple, unique, and creative for an elegant look.

Where to get a proper cosmetic box?

Packaging is an issue that every businessperson tackles at some point in their career. Choosing a product to sell is not a tough issue. The actual problem arises when it comes to selecting a packaging firm. We are here to help you with any of your product packaging issues.

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