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Sellers are trying to make their products as unique as possible. Now not every person sells a unique product. But each of them uses a unique box. That is why sellers manufacture Custom Window Boxes boxes of every kind to impress the customers. But the question is, what packaging should we use? And how do we know it is perfect for our product?

Well, if you want a perfect box that secures and showcases the item at the same time, then use Window Box Packaging. These boxes are also known as hybrid boxes offering an ideal display. These boxes allow a seller to display their product with the product packaging. And hence one does not need to spend money on a display box. Let us tell you what these boxes look like.

These packaging boxes get manufactured with a paperboard or cardboard. Meanwhile, it also contains a window through which the product remains visible. The window overlapped with plastic film secures the item from dust, harm, or radiation. In this way, the product remains visible, and the packaging seems modern. So let us tell you how manufacturers make these packaging boxes. And which product can we sell in these boxes? Let us also discuss how these boxes affect our sales and impress customers.

Types of Custom Window packaging boxes:

Let us discuss some of the packaging styles that are receiving popularity worldwide.

Custom Soap boxes with Window:

Window packaging boxes are getting used in many industries. But in the soap industry, it is receiving much more popularity. These days people are being creative with soap. And what could be the better way to showcase their product? Sellers specially design their window boxes to increase product worth.

Custom boxes with Window:

If you have a unique idea and want to execute it, then design your box. A custom box is the one that gets designed according to the customer’s requirement. In this way, the packaging seems fitting and perfect when the product gets placed into it.

Custom Cake boxes with Window:

Who would not love to eat cake? But such a product requires a special box. We need to protect it from dust, chemicals, and harm. And that is why cake packaging boxes are getting manufactured. These boxes can hold cake, muffins, pastries, and much more. Sellers often add a window into these boxes to enhance the customer experience. In this way, they keep the item fresh and safe. Meanwhile, they also showcase the product that brings sales.

Gable packaging boxes with Window:

If you ever went to a fast-food chain, you must have seen gable boxes. These packaging containers look like a box and a bag at the same time. Moreover, These boxes have a rectangular bottom with a triangular-shaped top. This box opens to form the top flaps. Such a box brings convenience to both seller and customer. The seller can place a large portion of food in it. Meanwhile, the customer can eat in the box with ease. When we add a window into these boxes, it showcases the box content.

Treat boxes with Window:

Who does not love treats? But what if we sell our confections in a box that uniquely showcases them? Well, it might be possible if we use a window box. Many sellers prefer to use a two-piece box with build-in inserts. In this way, we increase the product’s worth. And make them appear more appealing.

Sandwich boxes with Window:

These packaging boxes allow a seller to showcase their sandwiches from the box. In this way, the fillings would be visible to the customers. Such a packaging box increases product sales. The thin plastic film covering the box is completely safe and secure. It does not affect our food items in any way.

Packaging material to manufacture Window boxes:

If we want to sell our products, we need to use a suitable box. And we cannot get ourselves the correct box if we do not use the appropriate packaging material. Every packaging provider tells you about the different packaging materials they offer. But how would you know which one your product packaging needs? Well, we are here for it. Let us discuss different packaging material and their unique features.

Kraft paper:

Kraft paper packaging is a 100% organic, recycled material. It gets manufactured from recycled paper and unbleached wood pulp. Sellers produce kraft packaging boxes of every style. Some people consider kraft packaging flimsy, but that’s not true.

Cardboard Custom Window Boxes:

We all know what cardboard is, and there must be a cardboard box laying around in your home. Well the use of cardboard has increased. And we all agree that cardboard is the best packaging material to use for our products. But the question is why?

  • Cardboard is lightweight and cost-effective. Hence no matter what business you run, you could afford these boxes.
  • They are sturdy and secure. That is why these boxes are getting used for shipping purposes.
  • These boxes have tear-resistant qualities that keep the box intact. That is why when we stack the boxes on top of each other, and they do not lose shape.
  • Cardboard is durable but not water-resistant. Meanwhile, these boxes secure the item from radiation.

Chipboard packaging:

Chipboard packaging is like thin and lightweight cardboard. This packaging material is found in a range of wall thicknesses. Meanwhile, manufacturers are using these boxes for a lot of box styles. Chipboard packaging gets manufactured with unbleached paper pulp, which makes it 100% organic. It’s also cheaper than cardboard; hence weighs to be a cost-effective approach.

SBS paperboard:

SBS paperboard is a thick paper-based material used to manufacture high-quality boxes. It weighs to be a bleached paperboard sheet known for its excellent printing properties. Meanwhile, we can also customize these boxes with engraving, embossing, and foil stamping. That is why most retailers use these packaging boxes for luxurious gift items. Most of such boxes also hold foam packaging inserts. 

How do Custom Window Boxes effectively attract customers?

The more unique your packaging appears, the more customers you can attract. And that is why sellers prefer to use window packaging. The moment you showcase a product, you can impress the customers in no time. And that is why many retailers use display boxes. When we have a box with a window, we do not have to pay for costs related to the marketing of our products.

Which product requires an insert in Window box packaging?

We use packaging boxes to secure our products from harm. But there are some items that need extra protection. Such products get affected by slight external pressure or dust. And an example of such products is:

  • macarons,
  • confections,
  • jewelry,
  • gift mugs,
  • gift items, etc.

Now we can pack almost every product in a window box. And that is why sellers also use packaging inserts. Packaging inserts are a piece of paper which we customize in a unique manner. The primary purpose is to secure the item and to make the item look presentable. For example, each macaron stays in the space given to them, which enhances the look of the box. Sellers manufacture packaging inserts with materials like:

  • Foam for luxurious products.
  • Corrugated inserts.
  • Plastic inserts.

Get your boxes with Window wholesale from ICM:

You decided to sell a product that has potential; now what? Well, the next step is to find the perfect packaging box. But does a perfect box exist? It might not exist, but we can turn a simple box into an elegant one. Some packaging companies have been manufacturing the perfect packaging boxes for their customers. And ICM is one of them. Let us tell you why ICM is people’s choice for their packaging needs.

  • ICM is a USA-based business with 10+ years of experience.
  • ICM manufacturers high-quality packaging boxes by using fine packaging material.
  • They offer the latest printing methods giving a superior look to your packaging.
  • They have a professional and experienced support team available 24/7. No matter what question you have, we have the answers for you.
  • ICM has a graphic design team that can help you to customize your artwork.
  • They have a short turnaround time of 6 to 7 days.
  • They do not have any die and plate charges.
  • You can place your order for at least 100 boxes.

Now get yourself the Custom Window Boxes and please your customers.