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Custom Perfume Boxes

Custom Perfume Boxes



How amazing it feels when we receive our favorite perfume as a present for our birthday. But what makes that present special is the custom perfume boxes. Before discussing the packaging, let us first take a look at the history of perfume. The origin of perfume dates back to ancient Egyptian. But undeniably, the incense used in ancient Egypt was different from today. They used essential oil, resins, and other things as a fragrance. They would use it in ceremonies and to celebrate an event.

Perfume these days is getting used to make us feel fresh and confident. It also makes us look more confident and attractive, like wearing good clothes. That is the reason why people take so much time to choose incense. But sometimes, we choose a product solely because it appears elegant. And that is the power of packaging. A packaging box can highlight our product and make it easy for us to gain more customers.

Do you want to start your own business? Do you feel lost when you think about the packaging or branding of your product? If yes, then no worries. In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about perfume packaging.

Usage of perfume:

When we feel confused about what present to give, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Undeniably it is the perfume. The primary purpose of perfume is to make us confident. And to give a pleasant scent to one’s body.

We can give perfumes as a present to our loved ones. It’s an item that you can easily buy from any shop around your home. Furthermore, every company tries to use a packaging box that adds glamor to its appearance.

Types of custom perfume boxes:

• Boxes with inserts:

These boxes consist of an insert in which the product gets placed. No matter whatever situation your product has to go through, the item would be kept safe. Packaging inserts for our perfume box packaging also increase the worth of the product by making it look fancy.

• Rigid boxes:

Whenever you purchase an expensive product, you can only see rigid packaging holding the item. Such boxes secure fragile products such as perfumes, watches, etc.

• Custom round boxes:

Want to kick-start your cosmetic career? Well, nothing is more effective than using a unique box such as a round box.

• Sleeve boxes:

These packaging boxes have a wide range of usage. No matter what product you sell, these perfume boxes wholesale have a flawless look. It consists of a container, and the top of the box named as sleeves cover the container. It secures the item from visible and invisible harsh factors.

• Magnetic boxes:

We all have seen these boxes while purchasing fancy and expensive products. It gives a sticking look to your perfumes. But many people often get confused about how these boxes could get used for fragrances. Let us describe it briefly.

The box has an in-depth container where our product lies. Meanwhile, the flap of the box covers the product.

• Metalized custom perfume boxes:

These packaging boxes are widely known for representing luxurious and expensive products. The shiny look for these boxes proves to be effective for both sales and marketing. These packaging boxes could get within various techniques. And the striking look of these boxes could attract customers in no time. Many people think that a packaging box customized with foil is non-organic. But it is all a myth as they are 100% organic and are customizable.

How to customize our perfume packaging:

There are several ways in which we can represent our box. We can use any packaging material to manufacture our boxes. In the same way, there are several ways to customize the packaging. Let us discuss them briefly.

• Custom perfume boxes with foils:

Have you ever noticed that many luxurious brands these days often have shiny packaging? Have you ever thought about how they customize the packaging in such a manner? The custom perfume boxes get customized with metalized foil. The silver or gold foil gives it a unique, shiny, and satin look.

Every brand customizes its box with foil uniquely. For example, you can overlap the whole packaging box with the foil. Or you can customize the corner of the pattern carved on the case.

• With brand identity:

The brand identity includes factors like brand logo and slogan. The brand trademark tells the product which brands the item belongs to. Meanwhile, the slogan represents its motto. Every brand has a unique trademark and slogan. And sometimes, the slogans are powerful enough to make a customer remember the brand.

That is the reason why they consist of few words or short phrases. And all of this makes it easy for a customer to remember the slogan. Trademarks or slogans could get printed on the perfume packaging wholesale with various printing methods. Or, if you want to highlight it even more, then you can use the process of engraving or embossing.

• With suitable colors:

Colors have always been playing a vital role in our lives. They can affect the way we think and do certain things. But who could have imagined that color might affect our sales? Each color is associated with a specific thing. But if we were to talk about perfume, then it is our choice which color we want to use. It solely depends on how much we surmised our product and our customers. Study the color theory but use the pigment that represents elegance.

• Custom Perfume Boxes with the company’s theme:

A company’s theme is something that defines the brand and its product. If you have a theme, then the customer could recognize your product from afar. You must have noticed that many well-known companies also own a theme. Such a theme makes us recognize the brand the moment we set eyes on the product. It also weighs to be a marketing strategy that helps us promote our brand and increase our sales.

But what exactly does a company’s theme consists of? It refers to the appearance of the box. For example, the texture, design, or pattern on the box must coordinate with the nature of the product. The color scheme might differ from one product to another. Let’s take an example.

A lip balm packaging box might have the same theme. But have different colors depending on the flavor of the product. A strawberry-flavored lip balm would have pink packing. Meanwhile, a mango-flavored one would get customized with yellow color.

Where to get the perfect perfume box packaging?

An item that is allied to fragrance needs perfect packaging. No matter what box style you use, make sure it is ideal for our products. Now the question arises: where to get suitable perfume boxes wholesale? The competition in the industry is increasing. And it is becoming harder for us to look for the best company. Among all of the thousands of companies in the world, ICM is the choice of every person.

They manufacture high-quality perfume boxes that you could get at a reasonable price. This USA-based company has the latest machinery that produces high-quality printed Custom Perfume Boxes. Now place your order, and if you have a query, then contact them for further details.