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Custom Cosmetic Packaging

Custom Cosmetic Packaging



The role of Customized packaging is to enhance the appearance of our products. If you have stunning and attractive packaging, the chance of your products selling is high. But if there is a flaw in your box, it would ruin your brand reputation. You must have noticed how brands keep changing their branding. And also customize their Custom Cosmetic Packaging from time to time. But sometimes, they do not change their whole packaging. Instead, they add one or two things to it. But now you must be wondering what the role of customized packaging is? And what exactly is that? 

A packaging that gets designed by keeping the client’s preferences and choices in mind is called customized packaging. You can tell the packaging company about the product’s size and dimension, and it is their job to introduce you to a magnificent case. Now, what are some benefits that come with a customized box? And how much of a role these boxes play in the cosmetic industry.

Custom cosmetic packaging is always attractive:

While walking through an aisle, we always get attracted to adorable products. But when makes these hidden products so alluring? Suitable cosmetic box packaging is the one that 

  • protects the item from all harm,
  • have a proper shape and size, and
  • provide a cushion to the piece placed in it. 

But now the question is, what are the suitable dimensions for our packaging boxes? The custom cosmetic packaging boxes seem alluring as long as it does not take excess space. But it should also not compress the product. It should have a volume where products are kept steadily without moving too much around the case. 

Let us talk about how customized packaging is crucial for cosmetics. Custom makeup boxes are known to be remarkably fragile. Once your lipstick ends up on the floor, there is no chance of it being in one piece. 

That is the reason why we need a customizable box. A packaging box that we design for our fragile products with a specific material and color scheme.

What type of material should we use for our custom cosmetic packaging?

One of the most critical questions is what type of material we should use? And no one can give you the proper answer because there are various factors that you must consider before making a decision. 

Let us take an example. If you were to sell lipstick, would you use a rigid shoebox for it? You can sell your lipstick in a shoebox if you want. But it would look ridiculous and would be misleading. That is why we use custom cosmetic boxes for such products. The same goes for cosmetics. 

Every product has a specific frame, size, and dimension. And hence require different packaging materials, shapes, and sizes. Let us discuss some of the packaging types for better understanding.

Cardboard boxes:

These packaging cases are everyone’s favorite; that’s why the shipping and retail industry uses these boxes extensively.

Cardboard boxes are not only affordable but are also highly customizable. Get them manufactured in any design and uplift your brand reputation. When you start using cardboard cosmetic boxes wholesale for your products, do not think about the item’s safety for once. 

Corrugated boxes:

These boxes are sturdier than cardboard ones. They are lightweight, firm, organic, and affordable; a machine presses the sheets of packaging material together to create these boxes. For any product that is fragile or requires excessive protection, Custom Cosmetic Packaging is suitable for it.

Paperboard boxes:

The packaging boxes are most popular in the retail industry. Lipstick boxes are mostly getting manufactured from such materialIt has almost become impossible to notice a product that does not have paperboard packaging. These boxes weigh to be best for cosmetics. 

Their sturdier nature bears the external pressure keeping the item safe and sound. Other than that, these boxes are also organic. Hence they do not have any adverse effect on the product.

Kraft boxes:

These packaging boxes get manufactured with pinewood. Radically, it is the pulp that is getting used. With that being said, we can already guess that these boxes must be organic. 

They are getting used worldwide for various products and getting recycled or reused. These boxes are flexible. And that makes it easy for the manufacturers to bend in varying shapes and sizes. So always study your product before choosing a packaging box. Every case can make a different impression on your clients. 

Customize your Cosmetic Box Packaging Professionally:

After studying your product and packaging type, what’s the next step? Have you learned everything you want to know, or there’s more? Well, a packaging box is always incomplete if it’s not customized. 

What exactly does it mean to customize our Custom Cosmetic Packaging? To give a wholesome look to our product and our case, we must print our brand theme. Other than that, there are many important factors we must consider before customization. Let us discuss some of them. 

Brand’s Logo and Slogan:

The logo is a crucial part of any brand. Whenever we want to start a business or publish our work online, we must use a trademark. In this way, people would know that the work belongs to whom. And can contact the person for any query. But in the cosmetic box packaging industry, the role of a logo is somewhat more compelling.

Let us take an example. A logo on your custom cosmetic boxes not only indicates your brand identity. But it also tells the customers that the product is legit and of high quality. You must have noticed that a product with a flushed-out logo always stays on the shelf. It indicates that using a luxurious and firm box is not everything if your logo is incompetent.

Besides a logo, a company’s motto also plays a crucial role in marketing. It is nearly impossible that a brand does not have a slogan. Every label doing promotion or a commercial uses this catchy line to attract many viewers. 

A slogan is a catchy small line to attract customers or viewers’ attention. This line always gets printed beside or under the brand’s trademark. 

Custom cosmetic boxes with your brand theme:

Almost every organization has a theme with which they represent themselves and their products. Every luxurious brand has a signature theme that essentially increases its product’s worth. 

But if you do not have one, then use the right colors for your box. The beauty of your cosmetics products could increase when the box itself is classy. 

Many companies can help you with customization, like ICM. They not only help the customers find the best box but also guide their clients thoroughly.

While customizing your box, never overdo it and hire professionals for designing. Sometimes we think that two of our favorite colors might look amazing together, but that is not always the case. 

Customize with metalized foils:

Gold and silver foils always seem luxurious and expensive. And hence people think that customizing their box with such foils could cost them a fortune, but that is not the case. 

Many companies are providing such services at reasonable prices. There are numerous ways in which you can customize your custom makeup boxes using foils. But let us discuss two of them.

Overlay your brand trademark or slogan with metallic foil. Or cover the whole box with foil. 

Both of these methods can give your box a luxurious and wholesome look. Other than that, it also seems like your package has been overlaid with lamination.

Use eco-friendly packaging material:

The critical thing to consider before choosing a box is to know whether it’s organic or not. If your packaging case is not eco-friendly, there are chances it might stay on the shelf for a longer time. 

These are the days when people are aware of everything. They know how plastic and non-organic packaging is affecting the planet. And we are trying our hardest to avoid the use of plastic. 

But the question is, then which material should we use? The packaging material that we discussed earlier is all organic. Now add more glamor to your skincare packaging boxes by making them 100% organic.

Now let us address some rumors about custom cosmetic packaging.

Many people think that overlapping our box with lamination makes them non-organic. That is not the case. Meanwhile, the same misconception is about metalized cases. Even the metalized foil boxes are 100% organic if you do not put bubble wrap in them.

Why ICM?

There are many packaging companies in the USA. And that is where confusion begins. Where should we buy our packaging boxes, and how do we trust that brand?

These are the times when we can easily visit any company’s site and view their products. Visit each website, compare the product they offer. And if necessary, contact them for guidance. 

ICM packaging is a company that is always there to solve any problem you are facing. If you are looking for a company that can provide perfect and durable Custom Cosmetic Packaging, ICM should be your preference.

Now, get your best quality packaging boxes at affordable prices at ICM.