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Custom Lip Gloss Boxes

Custom Lip Gloss Boxes



Lip gloss is a beauty product that can give a wholesome look to our appearance. Meanwhile, the perfect Custom Lip Gloss Boxes can naturally increase our net sales. 

These days lip products play a crucial role in our daily life. Lip products are a necessity, and we cannot live a day without using them. Some days when we do not feel like wearing makeup, we use lip gloss undoubtedly. 

But now the question is, when exactly did the concept of coloring our lips started? Well, you guessed it right. In Egypt, red ochre was getting used as lipstick, which was a sort of red clay. The concept of makeup was originally commenced in Egypt. Cleopatra used to add red paint to the arsenal while crushing bugs to create crimson for lips. But the modern version of lip gloss was introduced in the 1930s. 

Lip gloss heretofore was created for the movie industry. Max Factor was a polish American, a beautician, and a businessman. 

He invested in lip gloss in 1930 and many other modernized versions of cosmetic products in the United States. The leading purpose of a lip gloss was to give a glossy look to lips in black and white films.

Types of lip gloss:

There are different types of lip gloss. Let us discuss them briefly.

Sheer lip gloss is colorless and adds a shimmer to our lips. It usually gets used after applying matte lipstick. 

  • Shimmer lip gloss might be what you would be looking for at a night party because it is packed with shimmers to spark your look.
  • Matte Lip Gloss is somewhat similar to matte lipstick as they have a thick consistency. But you would need a lot of practice to apply them professionally.
  • Colored lip gloss is available in the market with different shades. 
  • There is also some lip plumper that appears like lip gloss. But lip plumper makes the lips appear softer. 

Now, with the variety of lip products, we also need wholesome packaging. A packaging box that can secure the item and can attract the customer. 

What sort of packaging box should we use for our product? Is there different packaging for different types of lip products? If yes, then which one should be ideal for our product?

Types of lip gloss packaging material:

Products do not get displayed on a store shelf. Instead, the Custom Lip Gloss Boxes represent the items to the customers. And hence we could say that if a box looks professional, then the stock is already sold. Otherwise, the product would still be on the shelf after a year. 

Branding is all about portraying an alluring image of your product to the world. Good packaging makes sure that your products get showcased to the customers elegantly. But branding is not the only thing that matters. The quality of the box also plays a crucial role. Are you feeling confused? Let us take an example.

Suppose you walk into a store and see an elegant product with stylish packaging. The branding has already impressed you since you entered the store. But as you picked up the box to read the product ingredient, the case felt exceedingly clumsy. 

It means the packaging material of that box is of low quality. Now, all of that excitement has already vanished, and we put the product back in its place. In this way, it’s safe to say that branding and packaging material altogether make or break the product sale.

Let us discuss some high-quality packaging material for our lip gloss.

Cardboard boxes:

These packaging cases are widely used across the globe because they are versatile, and hence we can mold them in any shape or size. 

Most business persons prefer to use cardboard as it is secure and 100% organic. Such a lip gloss packaging box does not let any contamination enter the box and secure the item. 

Furthermore, once laminated, these boxes can secure the item from dampness. And all of these extraordinary features can increase the product’s shelf life. 

Rigid boxes:

Compressing sheets of paperboard together results in these packaging cases. In this way, we get a rigid box that’s more sturdy than cardboard. 

But these packaging cases could only be manufactured in compact or moderate sizes as they are a little expensive yet affordable.

Paperboard boxes:

These packaging cases weigh to be most suitable for any cosmetic products because they are organic, lightweight, customizable, and secure; hence these packages contain every feature that we look for in a box.

Ways to customize our custom lip gloss boxes:

After considering the lip gloss packaging box we want to use, the next step is to customize it. Various printing methods can give our package a smooth and elegant look.

But every method requires different machinery, abilities and also gives a different look to our boxes. That’s why we must study each technique to make our case look perfect in any way possible. 

Let us discuss some of them briefly.

Digital printing:

Companies worldwide are using this printing method due to its cost-effectiveness and less time required in the printing process. It allows us to print any image or illustration onto our box with great ease. All we need to do is to download the file or draw it ourselves. And it digitally prints onto our material.

Screen printing:

In this printing method, we use plastisol or water-based ink. Furthermore, we use a mesh to move the ink over the surface while other types of equipment control its flow. 

It allows us to have a high-quality and colorful image to be printed on our material. Furthermore, the ink used in this process does not affect the box nature in any way. As one would expect, the box remains organic after absorbing the ink.

Gravure printing:

In this printing method, we pass our printing material through a series of cylinders. Let us discuss the process briefly. 

Two cylinders perform this process. The first is the one where we enter our material. Meanwhile, the cylinder below has the design or image etched onto it. The cylinder partially submerged into the ink tub below it. And the icon transfers onto the material once the material passes.

Importance of lip gloss boxes with logo:

Branding is the fundamental element of marketing, and it makes an enormous difference in your sales. With branding, we try to

  • increase our sales,
  • advertise our product and brand,
  • convey the right message,
  • connect with customers,
  • improves the brand image, and
  • prompt the customer to buy the item.

But let’s not forget that logo is the most crucial part of all of these.

  • Without the logo printed on our lip gloss boxes wholesale, no one would buy the item. 
  • Clients would think that the item must be fake if there is no logo on it. 
  • We cannot use our packaging for marketing without having a logo.
  • A product doesn’t look professional and from a trustworthy brand if you don’t print your logo on the box.

Now let us discuss some ways to highlight our brand identity with custom lip gloss boxes.

Printing our lip gloss boxes with logo, best and highlighted side of the box is the primary thing to know. You should also contemplate how short or big your trademark should look on the box. 

Would it look visually appealing? Is it big enough to be visible for the customers? To highlight the logo, we can use the process of engraving and embossing.

Both techniques weigh to be slightly expensive yet affordable. That’s why luxurious brands adopt these methods to advertise their brand and product successfully.

In engraving, we carve out the logo surface and fill it in with foil or color. With gold or silver foil, we can easily give our package a shiny look. Meanwhile, the product also becomes more visible and appealing. 

Embossing is somewhat opposite to engraving. In the process of lip gloss boxes wholesale, we use a heat source to create a puffed-up design or image. After that, we cover it with metalized foil as we do in engraving. As you would expect, both techniques never fail in highlighting the item. And they prove to be effective for marketing.

Where to get the best custom lip gloss boxes:

Competition in the industry is increasing every passing second. It has become impossible for a client to choose a specific packaging company as each offers different services.

Due to the competition, companies not only can provide the products at a reasonable price. But they can also customize the lip gloss packaging box to your choice. 

So always visit the website of multiple companies. Observe the products offered by them and compare them with other brands. In this way, you would be able to get to know about the latest deals.

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