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Custom Cream Boxes

Custom Cream Boxes



Cream. We all use it, and possibly we all would be wearing it right now. Well, it’s not a big surprise as people use it daily worldwide. And every person has a favorite cream that comes in a recognizable box. Such Custom Cream Boxes make a difference and represent a product uniquely. Before discussing such packaging, let us first discuss why you should use cream. The cream gets applied to the skin to gain moisture and to make it look smooth. It also has many advantages and also is used for cleansing purposes. 

The cream contains oil that helps in hydrating the skin. And hence cream is often referred to as a moisturizer. The main ingredient of the cream is oil, water, a thickening agent, and an emulsifier. All of these ingredients allow us to clean the skin thoroughly. There are different forms of moisturizer applied to the skin. And these are:

  • The gel is a sort of chunky product that people apply to the skin. It has a thick consistency.
  • Ointments are often present in a liquid form. And they are used for treatment purposes.
  • A poultice is a soft mass that we apply on the skin for medical purposes. It is a treatment for cuts or inflammation.

Now all of these products could be present in different forms. But many companies are producing the same products. Then what makes their product distinct? It is the packaging that makes a difference and allows us to introduce our product to the world. Let us discuss how to manufacture and customize our packaging boxes to receive positive reviews.

How does the size of custom cream boxes make an impact?

The size of our packaging boxes plays a crucial role in our business. The packaging could either make us suffer lots of loss. Or it could also help us increase our profit. It all depends on what type of material we use. But most importantly, the size of the custom lotion boxes

So what happens when we manufacture a small packaging box? Well, the product would simply not fit in the box. So we would be left with nothing. And we would have to place another order for packaging boxes with a more suitable size. But what happens when we use a large box? 

Using a large packaging box is not a big deal as many companies do so. But the real problem begins during the shipping. The product does not stay in one place and keeps moving around the box. And to solve that problem, we would have to use a packaging insert. 

An insert keeps the item in its place, limiting its movement around the box. And hence our product could reach its owner in one piece. But the problem is that our expenses increase when we use inserts. So the only solution is to use a box that has a suitable size and shape. Cream boxes wholesale should get designed in a way that brings ease to the customer and the seller.

How to keep our cream packaging box 100% organic?

It is always a difficult task picking the suitable packaging material. But if we do enough research, we might be able to find a decent box. But many people do certain things that could change the box’s nature. At first, the seller gets themselves an organic case. And then, they customize it poorly and make them non-organic. But is it possible to change an organic box to a non-organic one? Well, technically, it is not easy to do so. But some techniques and the use of other materials could make it possible. Let us take an example.

You use an organic packaging box but overlap it with non-organic lamination. Now the box itself is organic, but the thing projecting is non-organic. Let us assume another scenario. You sell your product in an organic box, but the packaging filling and inserts you use are non-organic. For many years and even now, many sellers have been using bubble wraps. And they are proven to be non-organic. But due to advancements in technology, many other packaging materials are available. And all of this brought a positive and massive change in the packaging industry.

Biodegradable packaging peanuts and corrugated bubble wraps have brought ease to sellers. Now you can make your box 100% organic just by doing little research. But do you know that the cream packaging box might not need excessive packaging fillings? Well, the reason is simple. If the box itself is rigid and has an insert inside, our product is protected. It is a fact that cardboard, paperboard, and corrugated packaging are not only organic. But they are suitable enough to protect your product regardless of the situation you put them through.

Lotion box packaging and the features they must hold:

We previously discussed the importance of box size and nature in our business. But what other features should a box hold? 

  • A packaging box must be sturdy enough to bear the external pressure. And should keep the item safe at all times. 
  • To make a packaging box perfect, we must use the proper printing methods. The ink used in the customization process should not affect the box nature in any way. In short, the box should remain organic. 
  • A packaging box must have the brand identity imprinted on it. And it must highlight it to increase brand awareness. 

Difficulties sellers face in these competitive times:

In these competitive times, it has become difficult for sellers to present and sell their products in the market. But the customer these days have a lot of options to choose from. And this could be a problem for a new seller. But always keep in mind that packaging plays the most significant role in the market. No matter how you promote your product and brand through digital marketing, if the box is ugly, the item will not last in the market. But if you end up getting yourself an elegant box, the product would sell instantly. 

Why ICM Packaging is the best choice for custom cream boxes?

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