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Eyeliner Boxes

Eyeliner Boxes



Cosmetics are one of the products whose use is increasing exceptionally. But there’s one thing that changed dramatically throughout history. And that is eyeliner and custom eyeliner boxes.

We never start our day without using products like deodorant, foundation, eyeliner, and hair gel. Cosmetics are getting used to boost our self-esteem and to highlight our mood. We use beauty products to represent ourselves professionally in society.

Like every other product, cosmetics are also getting revolutionized. Let us talk about the history of eyeliner briefly for better understanding.

The use of eyeliner dates back to ancient Egypt. Meanwhile, it was also popular among Arab and Indian women. It was getting used around the eyes. Egyptians believed that it could protect the eyes from harmful radiation.

Kohl is known to be the eyeliner that was getting used by everyone in ancient times. It was a black powder that comprised lead sulfide. The 1960s was the period when beauty products got modified. Having a goth look with eyeliner was being seen as a trend. And people adopted various techniques for dramatic effect.

Now let us talk about the type of eyeliner available today in the market.

  • The most popular one is the liquid liner because it has a water-like consistency. Meanwhile, gel eyeliner has a gel consistency. Users apply these with a brush.
  • Some eyeliner is getting manufactured in different bright colors. They are often known as shimmer or glitter liners.
  • Meanwhile, a powder liner is the eye pencil.

How has cosmetic packaging changed throughout history?

If we date back to the 1960s, we could see eye products were quite different those days. Eyeliner was essentially like a compact getting applied with a thin brush. But these days, the modified version is quite handy and brings great ease to our life. But the main product is not the only thing that changed. The packaging also evolved.

We no longer use plastic containers for our products. We try to use a box that not only makes the product presentable but safe from any harm. Now, we tend to use eyeliner packaging that proves to be ideal and professional.

But the question is, what is an ideal packaging?

  • An ideal box should not affect the product’s nature in any way.
  • It should secure the items from external radiation and harm.
  • Must have sufficient puncture strength.
  • Can handle any external pressure.

How do colors affect our eyeliner packaging boxes?

Colors have the power to influence our mood and are getting used as a communication tool. Every color has a different meaning, and hence before customizing our box, we must choose the right one.

Colors primarily affect our movement and how we react in the real world. Let us take an example. Many scientists think that if someone likes the color yellow, then he must be communicative. Likewise, blue is associated with harmony and black with peace. Now the question is how all of this is related to packaging?

While walking through the aisle, we observe products of different packaging. And every box has a distinct color. Food products never get packed in a black rigid box. Likewise, toy boxes get customized with a colorful theme.

Designers always study color theory to make an extraordinary color palette. If you do not choose the right colors, it means you ruined everything. You can never make your box look professional without professional branding.

Now the most critical question is why do we customize our custom eyeliner boxes with black color? The color black represents elegance, power, sophistication, and mystery. And people use eyeliner for the same purpose, to make themselves look elegant.

But it does not mean that you must use a black box for your product. You can be creative and set a new standard for other brands.

Different methods to customize our eyeliner boxes wholesale:

We already discussed color psychology in our packaging. But colors are not the only thing in branding. We have to take care of many primary factors like brand logo and slogan. So first, let us start with brand identity.

An eyeliner box wholesale does not have an excessive volume to write any instructions or print images. And that is the reason why an immature designer can ruin your branding.

A small rectangle box is simple to customize professionally by placing the brand logo on the right side. Make sure that the trademark is not too big or small. It should be of adequate size. Other than that, consider your font size.

Cosmetics product packaging always requires the seller to print the relevant info. For example,

  • how to use the product,
  • where to store it,
  • what things to notice before buying the item, etc.

Let us take a look at different eyeliner packaging:

We observe hundreds of products every day. And every item has distinguished packaging. But the question is, what box should we use for our product? And how do we know if it’s effective on sales or not?

Let us discuss some types of packaging boxes for better understanding.

Telescopic boxes:

Most manufacturers use paperboard or Kraft material to create these cases. Telescopic boxes are rectangular shapes and have flaps at both ends. It makes it easy for the consumer to take the product out of the box.

These packaging boxes are small, lightweight, and do not take any excess space. Another startling feature of these boxes is that they are organic and recyclable.

Window boxes:

These packaging cases are gaining popularity all over the world. These packages not only secure the item but also showcase them professionally. It shows how elegant a product is. And what shape and size the original product is off.

Whether you want to sell a sandwich, a candle, lipstick, liner, electronics, these boxes are a perfect choice. In short, no matter what product you are selling, use these boxes to attract your clients.

Window Rigid boxes:

These cases have been popular, and luxury brands are using them. Have you ever thought how ridiculous it would appear if luxurious brands use clumsy packaging?

A rigid box is the brand identity, and it never fails in attracting passer-by to your product. Moreover, it proved beneficial for brand marketing and awareness.

Cardboard boxes:

These packaging cases are incredibly versatile. You can mend them in any shape, size, dimension, and design.

They are also customizable and lightweight. These boxes also proved to be useful for shipping purposes. And keep the item secure during this time.

Metalized packaging boxes:

You must have seen cosmetic brands using these boxes. They are simple cardboard or paperboard packages overlapped with foil. Silver, aluminum, and gold foil will give a premium and glossy look.

The only problem with these boxes is the misconception about them. People think that such packages are not easy to customize, but it’s not the truth. You can customize these packages like any other and showcase your products professionally.

Lamination and custom eyeliner boxes:

What role does lamination play in the packaging industry? And why is it so necessary for our boxes? What are types of lamination, and which one should we use? Are you wondering about the same thing? Well, no worries. Let us discuss the role of lamination.

Applying a layer of plastic film to our packaging boxes is what lamination is. The purpose of lamination is to secure the printed surface and let the design last longer.

Let’s be honest if the design fades away from our boxes, people would consider the item expired. Other than that, it also secures the item from dampness and harmful radiation. Gloss and matte are the laminations that are popular worldwide.

Gloss lamination gives a glossy look to our boxes. While matte is the opposite, it creates a monotonic appearance; that’s why luxury brands prefer this kind of lamination for their expensive products.

Now the question is, which one should we use?

Products that require excessive protection, like medicines, must-have gloss lamination overlapped on them. It reflects the light and keeps the item cold. While expensive products should have matte lamination as it enhances the product’s appearance.

And matte lamination never fails in making the box look fancy.

Where to get ourselves the perfect custom eyeliner boxes?

Competition in the market has increased, and so do the providers. Firstly, It is not easy to approach a provider that can help you and provide a high-quality product. Secondly, many companies around the globe present high-quality products and fabricate dense and supportive packaging for their customers. ICM is one of those brands.

ICM is a leading packaging company that serves its customers all over the globe. We have a team that can guide you in every step to get ideal custom eyeliner boxes for your product. Place your order now.