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Candle Box Packaging



In early times, candles were the primary medium of light. They look pretty and emit their light to people in the dark. Above all, it is one of those things that’s still in use to this day. It gives a pleasing effect to the environment. People use candle box packaging at different occasions like parties, marriage, and many other important events.

With time, different types, shapes, and sizes of candles are available in the market. You can get the latest and beautifully designed candles from ICM Packaging. For using them for an extended period, It is essential to keep them safe.

With the use of candle boxes, you can protect them from environmental harm. In this way, you can use them for a long time. The business of candles is popular and successful worldwide because of high-profit margins. If you are planning to set up a new business, then candle-making is the best option. You can also use the custom candle boxes.

Types of custom candle boxes available for customers:

You must be wondering which shape and type of candle boxes will be best for your candles. Choosing the right supplier is also very important to buy candle boxes of good quality. So, do not fret. You can get the candle boxes from online stores such as ICM.

If you are planning to get candle boxes wholesale, then you can contact us as we are one of the best box manufacturing companies that can provide you with the following types of boxes.

Luxury candle boxes:

Many people use candles as a present. It is the best gift you can present to your family or a friend on a special occasion. You can get the best luxury candle packaging from the market at a reasonable price. The logo on the box of candles enhances its beauty and establishes your brand in the market.

Birthday gift candle boxes:

We all know that candles are the medium of spreading light. If you gift a pack of candles to your friend on their birthday, then it is your wish that their life always brightens like a candle. Hence, different types of custom candles packaging are available to suit every occasion.

Rigid Candle boxes:

Candles of different shapes and sizes are available in the market. So, their packaging is also according to their requirements. The customer prefers boxes that are attractive and protects the product inside. So, the main benefit of using rigid candle boxes is that they are well built and strong. These qualities give rigid boxes a premium look and feel while also protecting the product. It also has lamination on it to prevent them from fading and water damage.

Candle Packaging Boxes:

Many manufacturers give their services to provide you with the best packaging boxes. So, you can select the shape, size, material, and design you want. In short, you can choose the candle boxes as per your requirements.

Profitable characteristics of custom candle boxes:

You might be wondering how custom candle boxes can benefit you. So, here we list some essential and profitable characteristics of using personalized candle boxes.

Grabs the customer attention:

These candles are enclosed in attractive boxes. They have a stunning and unique design which differentiates them from other candle products on the shelf. So, it helps capture the customer’s attention and gives them a reason to buy your product as it looks better than other products. If the people like the way you present the box, then there are high chances that your sale rate can increase.

Eco-friendly Box Packaging:

The other profitable characteristic of candle boxes is that they are made from eco-friendly material. In this modern era, people are paying attention to environmental health. So, they prefer to partner with those companies and products which are presenting their products in eco-packaging.

High-quality printing machines:

The boxes of candles are made from cardboard, Kraft papers, etc. The printing on this material is straightforward. So, you can select any design for the printing of your luxury candle boxes. Using high-quality material and the latest machines is a significant factor in the manufacturing of high-quality boxes.

Low prices and high-profit margin for your business:

One of the major benefits of these candle boxes is that they are obtainable at low prices if purchased in bulk. You can choose the best material for your candles from the wide variety of options that we provide. The printing and material of the boxes are cheap. Hence, keeping your profit margins high and costs low so that you can build a successful business.

Materials used for the candle boxes:

For packaging, candle manufacturing companies consult different packaging manufacturers to get an idea of the material they use and the quality they provide. These box manufacturers have a variety of material options that they can use for producing boxes. So, for the candle boxes, the materials mentioned below are widely used. They are best in various ways. Let’s have a look at them.


Cardboard is the most popular material that the packaging industry has used for decades. Companies trust this material because of the variety of benefits it provides. Hence, you cannot go wrong using cardboard boxes for your candle box packaging.

It gives strength to your product, is eco-friendly, protects the product from harsh environmental conditions, and is available at low prices. Moreover, printing on cardboard boxes is easy.

Kraft papers: 

Another choice for your candle boxes is kraft paper. It is also suitable for several reasons. Many companies use it in combination with cardboard boxes. These materials give super strength to the items inside and are effective for products such as candles. Moreover, they are also available at reasonable prices.

Corrugated candle box packaging:

It is one of the primary materials used by different companies for enclosing their multiple products. Many companies use this material for their boxes because it protects the product from jerks and other physical harm.

People who transport their products from place to place must use corrugated boxes for their products. For shipping your candles, corrugated boxes are a good choice.

Methods to make Candle box packaging look attractive:

There are various methods that you can adopt to make your luxury candle boxes look attractive. Some of them are listed below:

Brand name:

Including the brand name on the boxes is a good practice. It shows the ownership of the product as people love to know about the company behind the product they are purchasing. So, always include the Title, Logo, Address, and mission statement or vision of your firm on the box. All of this helps build the trust of customers in your products.

Eye-catchy design on the boxes:

Products that are new in the market should have excellent display packaging. If your product looks stylish and attractive, then there are chances that people will select your product. 

Otherwise, the companies who are offering the same product in the market are preferred. Display boxes are essential with an eye-catchy look. It is beneficial for the owner at the start of the business because this kind of marketing does not require a big investment.

Color combinations:

Color also plays a significant role in display boxes. Hence, you should choose the one that attracts the customer’s attention. Many companies use bold colors because it compliments their product. 

The selection of the color depends on the theme of the product and brand. So, select the one that compliments your brand logo and the product.

Placement of the items:

Good designs for the packaging of the product are essential. So, when you are done with the designing, the next phase is the placement of the products. If you want to grab the customer’s attention, then you must place the product appropriately. 

Different display boxes are used for this purpose, like counter boxes, shelf boxes, etc. You must select the one that is the most attractive and suitable for that place.

Illustration on the boxes:

When a new event arrives, it is good to add some illustrations to your candle boxes. If you include things related to the event, it will create excitement for the customers. They will appreciate that you give importance to the emotions of people regarding the events. Therefore, it will help in promoting your product and will increase your sale.

Use of eco-friendly products:

In this era, people are becoming aware of the health of the environment. With an increased rate of pollution, the atmosphere is becoming polluted, and global warming is increasing day by day. So, people are contributing to decreasing the pollution rate by excluding the use of non-recyclable materials.

If you want to increase your sales rate, you will have to pay attention to the materials you are using for your candle boxes. Becoming the best-selling candle brand won’t be easy, but it’s possible to focus on your marketing and be an eco-friendly manufacturer.

Why ICM Packaging is the best choice for your business:

ICM is one of the well-known packaging companies and provides custom packaging for hundreds of companies worldwide. We have a trained and highly professional team to facilitate our customers and offer candle boxes wholesale

Having the latest machines to manufacture high-quality packaging gives us a competitive edge in the market. Besides this, our team is highly experienced with years of experience in this industry, that’s why we can deliver you the best results.


These were the few tips and tricks to increase your market value and become the best-selling candle brand. Packaging is one the most critical part of a good marketing strategy. So, get well-designed and high-quality candle box packaging manufactured by us, and we can guarantee that your sales will increase.