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Custom Bath Bomb Boxes

Custom Bath Bomb Boxes



Whenever we open up the Custom Bath Bomb Boxes, a soothing aroma hits us hard. The packaging keeps the freshness of the product locked up to give the customer an unusual experience. Before reviewing the secrets of these packaging boxes, let us discuss a bit about bath bombs. A bath bomb is a mixture of different ingredients molded mostly into a round shape. It is considered a softener and moisturizes our skin.

Many people think that bath bombs have healing properties. These little balls create a fizzy sensation, and the reason behind them is sodium bicarbonate and citric acid. These ingredients give a glowy and younger look to the skin, making it look healthier. Do you know that bath bombs were developed as a substitute for bubble baths? Mo Constantine created it in 1989 who was the founder of lush cosmetics. 

Blackberry was the first bath bomb produced, and the fun fact is that it is still getting delivered today. But the only thing that changes is the competition in the market. Now, many cosmetic companies produce almost the same product with varying features. Now the question is, how do the companies preserve their bath bombs? How does their company survive in these competitive times? And what type of boxes keep their product safe and fresh? 

If you are curious, then keep reading. Let us discuss everything about custom bath bomb boxes. The features they should hold, how to customize them, and where to get them.

Types of bath bomb boxes:

There are hundreds of packaging boxes getting used all over the world. The number of packaging materials is limited. But each day, we witness a new packaging style that attracts us instantly. Such a unique packaging design also helps us to increase our sales and to gain more brand recognition. But what types of packaging boxes can we use for bath bombs? 

Bath bombs are not any ordinary products. They have a unique shape, texture, aroma, and features. And hence they require the best bath bomb packaging boxes. Some of the packaging boxes that you could use for your bath bombs are:

  • Sleeve boxes with window
  • Boxes with inserts
  • Boxes with packaging molds
  • Flip-top box
  • Die-cut box

Printing options for Custom Bath Bomb Boxes:

Here are some ways to personalize the packaging boxes the right way.

• Screen printing:

It is the process of giving a high-quality, concise, and lasting design to our bath bomb packaging wholesale. The ink that the seller used in this process dries quickly. And it allows us to customize multiple materials in minimum time. 

In screen printing, the material gets laid out. And the ink gets smeared all over the surface. The equipment controls the ink flow, which helps to print a precise design.

• Digital printing:

Digital printing is the process of printing an electronic file onto our packaging boxes. It is the process that brings ease to our lives as we download a template from the internet. Meanwhile, if you are creative enough to draw an illustration yourself, then do so. A design illustrated by ourselves helps us give a unique look to our boxes.

• Engraving and Embossing:

Engraving is the process of carving in our design onto the material. The carved area around the design then gets filled with foil or color. Moreover, Engraving gives a luxurious and elegant look to our boxes. A carved-in brand logo into our bath bomb shipping boxes helps in brand awareness. Meanwhile, embossing is the process of creating a 3-dimensional design onto the packaging box. In this process, a machine applies heat and pressure to create the raised image.

• Foiling:

Customizing our packaging boxes with metalized is the process of foiling. Foiling gives a highlighted and glossy look to our boxes. Meanwhile, we would only customize our brand logo with metalized foil to enhance it.

Use organic packaging material for custom bath bomb boxes:

The use of organic packaging material in our business is a must. People are getting more aware of the dangers non-organic material brings. And hence are taking the proper steps to lower the pollution. As a seller, we must make our packaging 100% organic and sustainable. In this way, we can minimize waste generation. And it helps build a positive image of the company.

Imprint brand logo and slogan:

From the moment we wake up to when we sleep at night, we witness dozens of logos. From the toothpaste brand to the cell phone we hold, everything has a trademark on it. And those icons represent that the product belongs to a brand. But the question is why? The reason for using logos and slogans is to advertise and differentiate one’s brand and products from other brands and products. 

You must have noticed that billboards and advertisements never compromise one thing: the use of the slogan. The slogan is a short phrase that usually consists of a few words that are much more important than we could ever imagine. And that is the reason why it gets printed on displays, billboards, on the box, during a video advertisement, etc. 

But the best logo is the one that represents your brand and your product professionally. It should always be unique yet simple. Meanwhile, the only rule for a slogan is to keep it simple. Do not use any complicated words that are hard to remember. Otherwise, what would be the point of a slogan? 

A slogan must be kept brief for the listener to hear it once and remember it for the rest of his life.

Use the apt color palette:

bath bomb packaging boxes with the right color can make you feel like you need that product. And yes, you feel so knowing that you would not be using the product anytime soon. But what could we do that’s the trick color plays in our lives? 

According to research, color affects the customer’s choice. Meanwhile, many people think that color enhances brand and product recognition. But colors are not only restricted to marketing. Brands use a particular color to express relevant information about the product to their customers. For example, Mango-flavored lip balms would come in yellow packaging, similar to soap boxes.

So when you see such a product from some distance, you would already know what the product is about. Custom Bath Bomb Boxes are also of different types. For example, some of them are:

  • citrus bath bombs,
  • lavender bath bombs, 
  • green tea bath bomb,
  • cocoa bath bomb, and many more. 

The list could go on, but the point is simple. Every type of bath bomb requires a different color to represent itself. Such customized Gift Bath Bomb Boxes bring ease to the customer and the seller’s lives.

Laminating your boxes:

Lamination is the process of laminating a packaging box with a transparent film to protect it. It improves the resistance, durability, and appearance of the material. By increasing the stability, it improves the appearance of the box. Lamination also helps us protect our packaging boxes from smudges, wrinkles, marks, fingerprints, stains, and tears. 

Dozens of customers hold and examine our product. And their hands might be oily or dirty. And the packaging box could become contaminated. In this case, lamination is crucial. Lamination makes the color of the Custom Bath Bomb Boxes appear more lively and deep.

Furthermore, the lamination is transparent, so it does not affect the design in any way. There are two types of lamination: gloss and matte. Let us discuss them in concise detail. Matte lamination gives the packaging box an elegant look. 

It provides a soft, dark, and more sophisticated type of appearance. Matte lamination gives the packaging box a delicate and velvety look. Meanwhile, gloss lamination gives a lustrous look to the material. It reflects the light and makes the color appear brighter. 

Best packaging company for Custom Bath Bomb Boxes?

There are numerous companies around the globe. But the best one provides us the freedom to incorporate our ideas into the packaging. A suitable packaging box allows us to promote our brand and to increase our customers. And the manufacturers at ICM understand this point very well. That is the reason why they provide high-quality packaging boxes.

The professional and experienced team at ICM is always there to help you out. They can help you to choose a suitable packaging box. Meanwhile, they have the latest technology to customize your packaging boxes, and they succeeded in giving their customers the best shopping experience. 

Now give them a call or contact them through email and place your order. Ask any question regarding the Cardboard Bath Bomb Boxes and receive the answers to the question that bothers you.