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Custom Jewelry Packaging

Custom Jewelry Packaging



While looking for a product, what is one thing you cannot resist buying? Well, the answer is simple, a product with elegant packaging. That is why jewelers use Custom Jewelry Packaging to enhance products in these competitive times. Jewelry is simply a piece of metal, stone, or anything that enhances our looks. But it also emphasizes various things for different cultures.

  • In the east, jewelry symbolizes social and financial status.
  • It emphasizes protection from evil or misfortune in Russia.
  • In Africa, it is a part of the culture.
  • In Myanmar, girls older than five receive their first neck ring added with years. And hence women are known for their long necks.
  • In China, jade jewelry emphasizes protection from evil. And it represents the balance of yin and yang.

The way jewelry is different to various cultures. Packaging boxes play the equivalent role. Each box represents the product differently, and hence we must use a suitable case. You must have noticed that we can not resist purchasing a product with elegant packaging. Sometimes, we only observe the box and buy the item without having second thoughts.

Many people decided to start their businesses in the past year because everyone was quarantined. But many of them failed. Well, the problem does not always lie in the product. Sometimes, we need to showcase the item in a promising way to attract customers. Let us discuss the way to represent your product with packaging boxes. And how to customize the packaging to attract more customers. If you are curious, then keep reading.

Importance of logo and slogan:

A trademark is essential for a business as it represents the brand worldwide. If your logo is unique enough, people will recognize it anywhere. But why is the logo important for our firm?

  • It grabs attention. You must have noticed that people always emphasize getting themselves a unique logo.
  • It helps to create a better first expression. It is the first thing a person sees. Whenever you imprint it in your billboards, flyers, boxes, it represents your brand.
  • When it comes to logos, they need to look professional. Many people do not know what a professional logo looks like. It should look neat and should represent the brand. It should also be of high quality. And do give more attention to detail. You can also hide a message in your trademark for your custom jewelry boxes with logo to look mysterious and unique.
  • Other than that, the placement of the logo also plays a crucial role in the packaging. If the logo gets printed on the side where it is not visible, it looks unprofessional. Meanwhile, it also makes the brand look inauspicious.

Role of cardboard packaging in the jewelry industry:

Cardboard is a material that is receiving popularity because it provides many benefits. It is organic and proves to be stable enough to protect our products from harm. Cardboard packaging is getting used for shipping products around the globe. Due to its organic and sturdy nature proved to be an ideal box regardless of the product you want to ship.

Custom cardboard jewelry boxes do not affect our fragile items in any way. If we use a non-organic box, it emits harmful radiation. Those radiations could make the jewelry color fade. And once it happens, our product is already devalued.

Different Types of custom packaging for jewelry:

Jewelry items are of different types, for example, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, etc. And each item requires packaging that presents it elegantly. Let us discuss some of these packaging boxes for better understanding.

Custom earring packaging:

There are different types of packaging for earrings. Now, it all depends on how creative you are. And how you wish to represent your products. Some new sellers prefer to use two-piece boxes. By using these rigid boxes, you can make your item appear luxurious. Besides, customers also purchase earrings with such packaging as a present for their loved ones.

Custom ring boxes wholesale: 

What would be a better way to represent our rings? How about showcasing it elegantly and by keeping it in one place? Many sellers use a magnetized box with a cardboard or foam insert. The insert keeps the item upright. Meanwhile, the box secures the product inside it.

Magnetized packaging boxes are always the choice of many new sellers. But besides this, what other unique case could we use for our rings? We can also use two-piece boxes manufactured with cardboard. Inside it uses a foam insert overlapped with sleek fabric to give a rich look.

Custom bracelet packaging: 

Bracelets are the type of product that could get represented in any box. For example, you can use a square box, rectangle box, two-piece box, etc. But if we wish to highlight our products, we must customize our packaging uniquely. Decorate your case with a ribbon. Use an insert or cushion for your product to place correctly. You can also use sleeve boxes for your jewelry.

Custom necklace packaging:

A necklace is an item that can completely change one’s appearance. It makes a simple dress appear elegant. And hence we must also use a box that does the same thing. There is not much difference between a bracelet box or a necklace box. These items are represented in custom boxes designed and manufactured for the particular object.

Best place to buy custom jewelry packaging wholesale?

The competition in the market industry has increased drastically. Companies are manufacturing the same products with different prices and ingredients. But one thing that makes each product unique is its packaging. The packaging tells the customer to which brand the item belongs. And that is the reason why one must use a definite packaging box to make our product stand out.

Why ICM is the best choice:

Many people face problems in choosing the proper packaging and displays. And that is the reason why companies have to change their product packaging after some time. But if we choose the right brand, we do not have to worry about a thing. There is a packaging company that is serving its customer’s high-quality products. But what makes them different?

  • ICM uses the latest printing methods for customizing the boxes.
  • They have a professional and experienced team to guide their customers.
  • Affordable rates and low minimum quantity.
  • Low turnaround time.

Now place your order for Custom Jewelry Packaging and bring a spark to your business.