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Custom Tea Boxes

Custom Tea Boxes



The first thing we do in the morning is take out the teabag from the custom tea boxes. And we make ourselves a nice cup of tea to get enough motivation to go with our day. The astounding surge of energy we feel is because of the packaging box keeping the product fresh. But for a company, a packaging box should play more than one role. So, let us discuss the unusual features of these boxes. But before, let us review some facts about tea and why it gained much importance.

It is the most consumed and famous beverage all over the world. People like to consume it hot, and more than 80% of US citizens drink a cup of tea daily. Moreover, Turkey is the country where most tea is consumed. Meanwhile, the majority of tea is produced in China. 

• Tea is considered to be beneficial for health. Many people consider it good for fighting various diseases. 

• When we consume tea, the caffeine works slowly, which does not affect us in any way. So it’s safe to say that getting a caffeine crash is rare in the case of tea.

There are typically five main types of tea. They are:

  • White,
  • Green,
  • Black, 
  • Oolong,
  • Pu’erh. 
  • Tea helps with weight loss and contains less caffeine than coffee. 
  • It also reduces the risk of heart attack and prevents strokes.

The benefits of tea might be countless, and that is why companies try to look for a decent box. They look for packaging that preserves the aroma and texture of tea ideally. Now the question is, what if we were to start a brand? What packaging should we prefer? What feature does the box hold? How should we customize it, and how to target customers with the packaging? If you are curious, then keep reading. 

Packaging boxes for custom tea boxes?

It is always a difficult thing to choose a packaging box. The style of packaging is what matters in the market. If it does not look unique, how could we attract customers? And if we cannot get the customer’s consideration, our product is likely to stay on the shelf for a long time. The packaging design and style vary from one item to another. And hence we would always need to be creative while launching a product. Let us discuss some packaging types and styles for a better understanding.

Flip-top packaging boxes:

These packaging boxes are the most commonly used boxes for tea, coffee, or any other product. They have a top attached to the box and make it easy for the seller to place the product in it. These packaging boxes are often manufactured with kraft packaging material. These packaging materials are flexible, organic, and customizable. It is safe to say that such types are ideal for tea or coffee boxes as they are cost-effective.

Round packaging boxes:

These packaging boxes are often manufactured from sturdier packaging material. These rigid boxes are sturdier than a cardboard box and never fail in serving the looks. These packages are considered to be luxurious and often used for expensive products.

Custom-made Tea packaging boxes:

There are the packaging boxes that we know are available. These cases exist in traditional style, shape, and size. And then there are the custom tea box packaging that is unique and makes us keep watching them constantly. Such types of packaging boxes need creativity and never fail in affecting brand sales. For example, a box in a pyramid or polygon shape or adding additional flaps to increase the box functionality. No matter what unique idea you have, implement it in your case. Such types of creative ideas help a brand to attract customers efficiently and quickly. 

Tea packaging bags:

These are the packaging types that allow us to represent our product uniquely. These bags often have zip locks that secure the product’s aroma. Such a type of packaging brings ease and convenience to the customer. The client could take out as much as the quantity of tea they need. And after that, lock that bag away. These bags get manufactured with wood pulp and are 100% organic.

Customizing the box the right way:

Getting ourselves a packaging box might be a difficult task. The troublesome task is to customize our cases. A personalized tea box never disappoints us and helps the brand in increasing sales. There are numerous customization techniques, and each one of them helps us achieve a unique look. Other than that, it also depends on the designer how they design our box. Make sure that your product packaging gives a unique and elegant look. The more sophisticated packaging appears the more product’s value increases.

Laminate your custom tea boxes:

One of the critical steps in packaging is to laminate your boxes. It allows us to protect our packaging from harm, wrinkles, and fingerprints. Meanwhile, lamination also enables us to secure the product from radiation and moisture.

We use matte and gloss lamination as the most common type of lamination. But the usage varies depending on the seller and the product.

Often, a packaging would have matte lamination if the product is costly. Meanwhile, gloss lamination is the one that companies use for the packaging of most of their products. Both of these laminations change the look and the texture of Custom Tea Boxes. Matte lamination gives a dark and smooth look. Meanwhile, gloss lamination gives a glossy and sleek look to our cases.

Where to get the right box?

Do you want to get yourself a unique box? Want to use a case that makes the passersby stare at your product? Want to customize your packaging professionally? If yes, we found the right packaging company to provide you with tea boxes wholesale.

In these competitive times, we must contact a brand that could understand us. Such a company should always know what their customers want. And should be able to print the required design onto the packaging box. ICM is the leading company that is serving its clients all over the world. 

We have the right technology to manufacture your custom tea boxes. Meanwhile, we also have a professional team that understands your requirements.