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Custom Mailer Boxes

Custom Mailer Boxes



Business owners who are looking for the best packaging for their product must consider the custom mailer boxes. These boxes are better for several reasons. First, many of us hear the term corrugated mailer boxes. These are the delivery boxes that companies use for their products for shipment.

These boxes are better for businesses, which have to supply their products to customers daily. You have to deliver different products that are of different sizes and shapes. So, to secure it. It is essential to use the perfect cardboard mailer boxes.

It will be a secure way to deliver the product because the safety of the products is a priority of businesses and customers. These boxes are the perfect choice for an e-commerce business. Let us see how these boxes are ideal for companies and how ICM packaging will benefit you through these boxes.

What are the custom mailer boxes?

The boxes that are used for delivering and shipping are known as mailer boxes. It is the best choice for e-commerce businesses. People love these boxes because it guards the products. In addition, it gives an attractive look to the packaging.

The main advantage of using these for the shipment is it is available in different sizes and shapes. You can get the best quality packaging and cheap mailer boxes at a reasonable price. You can present your packaging effectively when you print your packaging box with the best ink. 

Some surprising benefits of using the custom mailer boxes:

The low weight of cardboard mailer boxes:

When you have to deliver the products through shipment, you have to consider several things for your products. First, when shipping the products, you see whether the product is correctly enclosed in the box. 

The other thing is its weight. The weight of the mailer boxes must be light. So, you do not have to pay a considerable amount for the weight when shipping your products.

Printed mailer boxes:

We know that printing is one of the core things for packaging. So, for your products boxes, you must consider the best printing services. In addition, the look of your box plays a vital role in developing the trust of the customers in the brand. 

For this purpose, you have to select the best material for your custom mailer boxes. Moreover, you can get the printed mailer boxes quickly because many manufacturing companies produce this kind of packaging.

In printing the boxes, you must include the logo of your brand. The brand name on the product gives a pleasing look to the boxes. People love to see the custom mailer boxes with symbols. It increases their trust level that is essential for the business.

Securely deliver your products:

The best advantage of using the mailer boxes is that it guards your products. To become the best online shop, you have to win the trust of your customer. For this purpose, you have to select the best material. You can get the custom mailer boxes wholesale at reasonable prices.  

So, it would help if you used them for shipment. Because it is available in a different form in which you can place your products. The placement accuracy will assure the protection of your products. 

Customers admire the way you present your products. The survey concluded that people would buy products from the shop with the perfect packaging and the effect they receive is excellent.

Availability of colors in a box:

The other benefit of using the custom mailer boxes is the availability of the colors. We see that when the customer receives the packet, it is expected to be brown mailer boxes. But to grab the attention of the customers, you can use other colors.

From the manufacturing company, you can get the black-mailer boxes. However, the use of this color is rare. So, some people prefer to use this color. On the other hand, we have different choices of colors.

You can select the white mailer box for your products. Hence, many brands use this box. The printing on this color is accessible and visible. The white base color emerges from the other colors that are printed on it.

In the case of colors, you have plenty of choices. You can select any matte-colored corrugated mailing boxes for your products. It will increase the sales rate, and people love to receive your products in an attractive package.

Cheap mailer boxes:

The other advantage of using these custom mailer boxes is, they are available at reasonable prices. You can get the corrugated mailer boxes wholesale at an affordable price. The one thing you have to do is search for the best company that can provide you with the best packaging. 

The different materials are available that you can select for your boxes. Moreover, 

many shops also offer printing services. So, you can contact them and avail the benefit of the printing service. It will be beneficial because from one place you can get both tasks done.

Availability of sizes, shapes, and styles:

Many companies are working to provide the best packaging to the customers. You can get all the sizes, shapes, and styles. It is one of the main advantages. From the manufacturer, you can get a different style of the boxes. The most popular type of mailer box is the easy fold mailers. 

It is good-looking and grabs the customer’s attention. Brands also use custom mailer boxes with inserts. Hence, they want to deliver their products to the customer effectively.

These are a few advantages of using custom mailer boxes. Now, let us see which material is best for them. Which company prefers which type of material for their products?

Types of materials:

When it comes to the packaging material, then you get various options. But many brands prefer to use eco-friendly materials. Therefore, it will be beneficial for the environment. With this, the customer’s trust rises because they know you are an environment-friendly business.

Kraft paper:

Kraft mailer boxes are the best choice made by the companies. It gives strength to the products. In addition, the products that are enclosed in this box are secure. Many companies use kraft paper material for their packaging boxes. 

Most of the manufacturing companies use Kraft paper with the cardboards. Hence, they both are the best partner and give strength to the box in which they are enclosed. Besides the box strength, the look of this box is also stunning.

You can use this material for different purposes, such as custom mailer boxes, magnetic boxes, rigid boxes, candle boxes, and many other types. This material is preferred most of the time.

Cardboards boxes:

The main and best material that many manufacturing companies use for packaging boxes are cardboard. The brands prefer to use boxes made of cardboard because it gives various benefits to the company. 

One main benefit of using custom mailer boxes is it is eco-friendly. With time people are becoming aware of environmental health. Hence, they prefer those things that do not become the reasons for pollution. So, cardboards are the best choice for your packaging.

Corrugated Mailer Boxes:

Corrugated material is one of the significant materials that different manufacturing companies use for containing their products. The printing on this material is good. It gives a pleasing look to the boxes, and they preserve the product held in them. 

Many people prefer to use this material for their packaging. Another advantage of using this material for packaging is that it is convenient to send your products through shipping.

Why should you select ICM Packaging for your custom mailer boxes?

ICM is one of the best companies in the packaging industry. We work to produce the best packaging boxes for your products. People who want to get the best material, size, shape, and style of packaging boxes must consider ICM for their custom mailer boxes.

You can enjoy all the benefits that are mentioned above if you get packaging boxes from ICM. However, the primary concern of ICM is to provide the best quality. So, the company can deliver its product to the customer through attractive packaging.

You can select all the designs for the custom mailer boxes. ICM provides the highest quality printing and designing services. Hence, you can benefit from working with ICM. We are best known for providing the best services to our customers. So, you can trust our company and place your order.


In a nutshell, the custom mailer boxes are essential for the shipment. So, you must select the best company that can provide the best materials, sizes, shapes, styles, and printing services. In addition, good packaging will help to increase your turnover. Because when the customer receives the product in beautiful packaging, they will be impressed by the quality and make future purchases from your shop. So, you have to win their trust with your products and packaging.