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Custom Eyelash Boxes

Custom Eyelash Boxes



The use of Custom Eyelash Boxes has increased due to the benefits they provide. But how? Before we answer that question, first, let us get to know about fake eyelashes. In ancient Egypt, the use of kohl was no surprise. It was something that was used by both the royal people and the people under them. But not many people know why they used it.

Kohl was not only used to enhance appearance. They also used it to protect their eyes from harsh solar radiation. Fake eyelashes were invented by a Canadian woman named Ana Taylor in 1911. And we can say that they also are getting used for the same purpose as kohl.

Now, let us discuss some myths about fake eyelashes and then bust that myth

  • Fake eyelashes damage your natural ones. Well, it is a popular myth. But the truth is that fake eyelashes do not harm your eyes or eyelashes. Instead, they provide a shield to your natural eyes and give them time to heal and to grow. If we wear mascara, they do have some affection for our natural eyelashes. But with fake ones, we do not have to worry about anything.
  • Fake eyelashes allow us to maintain a fresh look throughout the day. With mascara or eyeliner, we would have to wipe it down at night before sleeping. Or, if we are out partying, we may worry about it smearing down. But we don’t face this issue when wearing fake eyelashes.

Now what keeps our favorite eyelashes safe is the packaging box. Every company is using a box that represents them to the world and also enhances the product value. But when it comes to cosmetic products, we would have to use a suitable and perfect box. Do you want to start a business? Do you have a unique idea in your mind regarding fake eyelashes? But do you not know which packaging box to use? Well, no worries, let us help you.

How to make custom eyelash boxes?

Different types of packaging material are available to manufacture a box. But nothing is perfect than kraft packaging paper. Other than that, sellers are also using eco-friendly plastic for custom eyelash cases. Always study the packaging material before getting your boxes manufactured.

What to imprint on our eyelash packaging box?

Never forget to imprint the brand logo and slogan onto the box. They are your brand identity. And help you to represent the company in the market. If your logo is promising enough, it makes the product appear legit. Now many companies do not consider the importance of the logo. And they get themselves a trademark that fails to represent them. So always hire a professional designer to help you. And in this way, you could make your box appear more attractive. Other than that, also imprint the instruction to apply on the product. So when a person is using your product the first time, they would know how to use it.

How to create a perfect eyelash packaging box?

How to make a box ideal? Well, it’s a question we cannot answer right away. But there has been a time in our lives when we held an attractive box in our hands. And at that moment, that packaging seems perfect.  

But a luxurious packaging box always seems attractive and wholesome. And that is the reason why we must always get ourselves luxury eyelash packaging. A packaging box is not manufactured luxurious. It would be a simple cardboard box. Now it all depends on the seller how he customizes the box. Always implement the right techniques and use the latest machinery to customize them.

Importance of lamination on our eyelash boxes:

Lamination helps a seller greatly in keeping the product and box safe from harm. The process of lamination refers to overlapping the box with a thin layer of plastic. The outer layer protects the box from wrinkles, stains, smudges, and fingerprints. 

There are two most used types of lamination that have received recognition worldwide. And those are matte and gloss lamination. Every seller has a different preference. And so it all depends on you what lamination you want to use for your boxes. 

In gloss lamination, the light reflects, and it also makes the color appear lighter. Meanwhile, in matte lamination, the color seems darker and bold. When it comes to cosmetics, you should go along with the lamination that suits your product more. No matter what lamination you use, it helps the packaging color last longer.

Importance of using eyelash tray in our packaging:

Cosmetic brands commonly use eyelash trays in their packaging box. And every eyelash box has it. But what exactly is the purpose of the eyelash tray? 

An eyelash tray keeps the item in its place. Eyelashes are fragile and can easily be affected negatively. Meanwhile, if they move around the eyelash packaging box, they would not be in shape to be applied. So that is why we need a suitable case with a tray. But the question is, what material is the tray made up of?

Packaging firms manufacture eyelash trays with plastic. But wait, if we use plastic, don’t we receive negative reviews from customers? Well, the answer is yes, But many sellers use organic plastic. Organic plastic does not affect the environment in any way. In simple words, it is harmless.

Where to get high-quality custom eyelash boxes wholesale?

There are not many places that sell high-quality products. But due to the increase in competition, it has become challenging to find the right company. The increase in packaging companies has increased. According to the statistics and projections, the packaging industry will grow even more till 2026. But there are not many packaging companies that provide high-quality products to their customers. Now, the question is what type of company we should prefer? And what offers should the brand offer?

Make sure that the company provides the following services to you: 

  • Should provide high-quality boxes,
  • professional and experienced team to guide through the process,
  • Should offer the packaging at affordable prices, 
  • Should have low turnaround time, 
  • And should use the latest machinery.

Among many companies in the USA, ICM Packaging has been receiving the recognition they deserve. It is the best choice for custom eyelash boxes. They always make their customers satisfied. And help them to present themselves through the packaging professionally.