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Cardboard Display Boxes

Cardboard Display Boxes



The role of packaging boxes has changed. Now, we do not use the boxes to hold the item. These days we expect them to be all-rounders and perform all the things at once. That’s why many retailers and sellers have been using separate packaging boxes for display purposes. Shops place Cardboard Display Boxes at the store to serve the visuals. But like any other box, they are also available in different varieties and have the following benefits:

  • defend the product from harm,
  • increase our sales,
  • secure the item during shipping,
  • acts as a marketing strategy,
  • capture the customer’s interest, etc.

Let us discuss everything about displays. How they affect our business and how to customize them.

Cardboard Display Boxes packaging styles:

Cardboard packing boxes often can be seen in a folding carton style. It is the type of box that helps the user to insert the product into the box easily.

Let us discuss some packaging styles briefly.

Tuck boxes:

These packaging cases are the most common box you could see in the market. These cardboard display boxes have closing and opening flaps on both sides of the box. Moreover, Tuck end boxes often contain slit locks which prove to help lock flaps in their places.

These boxes are perfect for almost every little and lightweight product because you do not need to be a genius in assembling these boxes.

One-piece boxes:

These packaging boxes are sturdy and durable as they get manufactured with cardboard or paperboard. Furthermore, They have a bottom container. And the top attaches to the container with tucking tabs or flaps.

They are ideal for food, gifts, and many other products. Also, these boxes allow us much space to add any instructions or designs onto them.

Two-piece boxes:

As implied from the name, these boxes contain two separate pieces: a tray that holds the item and a lid that covers the tray. Additionally, these boxes have a wide range of usage, are 100% organic, and are durable. They also weigh to be luxurious and elegant.

Sleeve packaging boxes:

These boxes also consist of two pieces: a container and a sleeve. The sleeve covers the containers and protects the item from all sides.

Cardboard counter display boxes:

Countertop displays are often placed on the counter and are used to hold small products. Chapsticks, lipsticks, or napkins often get showcased in these boxes.

The countertop display might be a simple box, or we can divide it into two partitions. You can also get your countertop boxes with inserts. For example, if you want to showcase a particular cup noodle product.

Various types of cosmetic display boxes are getting manufactured with different materials, but cardboard is sturdier and durable.

Let us discuss cardboard display boxes and their advantages.


  • These packages keep the counter and the store tidy.
  • It highlights the product on the counter.
  • Proves to be effective for newly arrived products.
  • They are 100% organic and durable.
  • Secures the product and makes them look presentable.
  • The customer can purchase the item on the go.

Floor displays:

These floor display packagings come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Moreover, Floor displays are sturdier than other display boxes and often have partitions to make the product appear presentable.


  • The big frame of these corrugated display boxes allows us to represent the brand uniquely.
  • They can hold and display heavy products.
  • They keep the product in one place and offer more space for other products.
  • Even though they are sturdier, you can still customize them professionally with any method.
  • They are durable and can easily catch the customer’s eye.
  • Different sizes are available, so you can get small display boxes if you want.

Pallet displays:

These Custom Display Boxes are often huge as they get used to showcase products in bulk. These displays are also getting used to loading or unloading heavy products.

And sometimes, they can display the product and its function altogether in one place.


  • Showcase the bulk of the material at once.
  • Save the space.
  • Highlight the product features.
  • Can showcase heavy products.

Dump bins:

We can see such displays often in shops where there’s a sale, and you must have seen a dump bin in one of the shops where they would be selling products for half a price. And all such products would be placed in a large box where you could get the item you want. Those large boxes are dump bins.

How to make our custom display boxes more attractive?

Want to give a professional and elegant look to your custom display boxes? Want to attract a massive audience? If yes, then no worries. Let us discuss some ways to customize our packages elegantly.

Digital printing:

In this printing method, we use an electronic file and print it on our material. We make the designs by ourselves using the software. Or you can also download the free design templates.

Many people these days starting a new business tend to find free design templates from the internet but if you have enough finances, prefer to hire a professional designer.

Screen printing:

Screen printing refers to the process of transferring the design to a flat surface, and this process is also known as silkscreen printing. Fabric and paper are the most commonly used materials to customize with this technique.

In this method, we use a mesh to smear the ink onto the surface. The ink we use in this process dries quickly, and hence the designs do not spread. That’s why the customized designs have higher quality than a digital print.

The color and design with screen printing do not fade away that easily, and It gives a glorious finish and helps us customize a bulk of packaging material.

Engraving on cardboard display boxes:

This method is for customizing brand logos or slogans, But you can also customize textures or designs onto your box with these techniques.

We carve out the design and fill the area with color or foil as implied from the name, and the metalized foil gives it an enhanced and sophisticated look.


This method gives a 3D look to our boxes. Furthermore, The design customized with this method puffs out of the surface.

It has more fine detail than engraving and is easier to customize with metalized foil; that’s why brands customize luxurious products packaging using this technique.


It is an intaglio printing process that uses a rotary and consists of cylinders engraved with specific designs. The method of gravure printing involves the following steps.

In technical terms, we call the top cylinder an impression cylinder. Meanwhile, the other cylinder partially dips into an ink container that fills up the engraved area of the cylinder. The engraved areas are cells. Meanwhile, another component called a blade wipes the excess ink from the printing cylinder.

How to choose the correct box?

Choosing a product or a box is always the trickiest thing. Even when we are purchasing an item, we cannot decide between two products. But, choosing a display design for our product is even more tricky when we are ordering display boxes wholesale.

Then how do we know what display boxes we should use? 

Contact various companies and ask them for help. Compare their product and tell them the product you want to sell or showcase. And in this way, they can guide you and tell you what box you should have. And some packaging companies also help their clients to choose a theme for their displays.

ICM is one of the leading packaging companies that has been helping its customers around the globe. Contact us to know more about the services and Cardboard Display Boxes we offer.