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The way you present your product to the customer is an essential thing. The boxes you use for your products are the way you tell your customers how vital customer satisfaction is for you. So, you use high-quality custom rigid boxes for your products to make them look attractive. In the market, you come across many brands that offer different types of luxury products and you may have noticed that these luxury brands use rigid boxes for packing of expensive products, there are many reasons why  brands use this kind of packaging so lets discuss about those reasons.

What are Custom Rigid Boxes?

For packing different products, people use different types of boxes. From food beverages to heavy machines, people use these packaging boxes. Hence, the use of packaging is from decades.

But here, the question is whether it is possible to pack heavy products in light-weight boxes; the answer is no. The heavy products must be placed in custom rigid packaging. This makes enclosing heavy materials easier.

What is Custom Packaging?

The word custom means according to the demand of the people. If you select the box’s material, its color and unique design make it different from other boxes. Hence, these types of boxes designed according to the customer’s demand are known as custom packaging.

All the rigid setup boxes are made according to the client’s requirements. Hence, Custom packaging is beneficial in various ways.

Benefits of Rigid Boxes:

Increases the value of the brand

If you use custom packaging for your products, then the significant benefit is that you enjoy an increased sales rate. The different look of the boxes grabs the customer’s attention.

When the customer buys the product, then they come to know about the brand. Hence, this is the way that increases the value of the brand among the people. Different companies are offering their services for custom designing.

We provide free designing services, so you can contact us to create your boxes. In addition, we also offer rigid boxes wholesale at reasonable prices.

Provides amazing Customer experience

Your product will become a favorite among customers if packaged in an attractive box. Hence, the luxury rigid boxes can help to increase your business.

These custom boxes are a way to grab the attention of your potential customers. The way they are presented and displayed forces the customer to buy your products.

Available in all shapes and sizes

The other advantage of using custom boxes is that it is available in different sizes, shapes, and designs. We know that these boxes are used for enclosing heavy and luxurious products.

When the customer unpacks the box, then it must be easy for them to carry it. For this purpose, the most popular type of box used in the market is collapsible rigid boxes. The look of this box is stunning, and people love these boxes.

Protection of the products

Custom rigid box manufacturer makes the boxes by keeping in mind the safety of the products. As the product will be heavy, it is essential to keep it protected. Many times when the product has to go through shipping, then various products break due to bumps.

To avoid this situation, ICM Packaging manufactures rigid boxes with the best material that ensures the safety of the products. The most common type of material used for these boxes is cardboard.

Custom rigid boxes with a lid

In the market, you can get a variety of options for rigid boxes. You can select the one that is most suitable for your products. Many companies like to pack their products in a rigid box with a lid because they are helpful in various ways.

The lid helps in opening the box quickly and carries the product effectively. So, many companies use this type of rigid boxes for their products.

Rigid boxes as a gift

Companies use these boxes to improve the quality of the product in customers’ perception. Besides the packaging of heavy products and luxury items, there are many other purposes these boxes are used for. This box is also an excellent choice for gift packaging. You can get a rigid magnetic box that has two slates of a magnet installed in the box.

It helps to close and open the box easily and quickly. Many people use these boxes for placing gifts. It is secure and gives a stunning look.

Uses of Custom Rigid Boxes:

The rigid boxes do not need to be used only for lifting heavy products. You can use these boxes for many purposes. As we have mentioned earlier, many people use them as a gift box.

It gives a pleasing look to the present, and you can enclose your gift effortlessly. Moreover, this box is also available with sections inside it. So, you can place many small items in it.

The look and feel of rigid boxes make them different from others. Moreover, it gives an attractive look to the products. Companies that make rigid boxes offer different types of styles. These are a few styles that the manufacturer companies offer to their customers:

Materials Used for Custom Rigid Boxes:


It is a well-known packaging material as it provides stability to our packaging boxes. Cardboard is pretty famous all over the world due to its benefits and eco-friendly nature. When we use high-quality material and press the sheets together, a rigid box is formed. Rigid packaging weighs to be more durable and sturdier than cardboard.

Benefits from a business point of view:

Custom rigid boxes easily attract the passerby.

We know that different products are available in different shapes and sizes. These products are packed in attractive boxes. These boxes have a stunning print that makes them look different. So, it is one medium that helps to grab the customer’s attention. If the people like the way you represent the box, they will be curious to know what the product inside looks like.


Another benefit of using rigid boxes is that they are manufactured using recyclable material. We know that paper is made from pulp extracted from the raw wood of trees. So a lot of deforestation has to take place for manufacturing paper products, which is terrible for the environment’s health and is causing global warming of the earth. So, using eco-friendly packaging is the best choice. Going green will have a positive impact on attracting eco-conscious customers.


Customizability is a critical factor when choosing custom boxes for your products. The design you choose for your boxes has to be different from your competitors’ products to be easily recognizable in the market.

Getting a unique design for your boxes will require a lot of work, such as market research and choosing a suitable color scheme that goes hand in hand with your brand name, logo, and product. The best feature of custom rigid boxes is that they are highly customizable, and printing on them looks good and feels premium.


Rigid boxes are a cost-effective solution, but it depends on the materials you choose for your boxes. If you opt for an expensive material used for high-end luxury products, your box will also become expensive. 

It also depends on the order quantity you are purchasing as big orders can reduce the costs of die and plate charges and benefit from economies of scale. So, to reduce costs, there are only two options, whether you choose a cheap material or order in large quantities. The benefits these boxes have in increasing the value of your products in customers’ perception ultimately outweigh the high costs of rigid boxes.

Are Custom Rigid Boxes available online?

Yes, in an online store, you can easily order custom rigid boxes by filling the quote form or talking to a sales representative. Many packaging suppliers are providing their services online. It is a good step because customers will not have to waste their time visiting the shops and looking for the material. They get quality products online and on time. All the eco-friendly products are available. So, you can shop from there and get the best thing. 

In an online store, all the options are associated with the packaging. It includes the materials, size, shape, and quantity. It saves time. If you think that you do not get a quality product, then it is not correct. The online shops keep the quality of the product because they have to stand in the market. In this way, they can give tough competition to other companies.

Why should you choose ICM Packaging?

ICM is one of the oldest box manufacturing companies in this industry and has 15+ years of expertise in manufacturing different boxes. ICM provides its services to hundreds of businesses monthly and provides the highest quality boxes at reasonable prices. We care about our customers and do whatever is possible to satisfy them.


We have listed some tips and strategies through which you can increase your brand value. Just work on the given things and focus on your marketing strategy.

It will surely increase the sales rate and make your business a success. You have to take a deep look at the materials, printing, and quality to get the best custom rigid boxes for your products.

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