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If we wish to make our product stand out, packaging can play a crucial role. That is the reason why the demand for Pre-roll Packaging is increasing every day. But have you ever thought what might be the reason? Well, Cannabis products need secure and perfect packaging. In this way, sellers try to use suitable packaging material. And we also have to think twice about the printing technique we choose. 

In this industry, we can only stand out by selling potential products. And the only way we can highlight our products is through packaging and branding. Do you want to highlight your products? Do you want to impress your customer with your unique boxes and branding style? If yes, then keep reading. But before discussing pre-roll packaging, first, let us discuss what exactly is pre-roll.

What are pre-roll and their Advantages?

The pre-roll joint gets delivered to the customer, ready to smoke. Unlike the joint that one has to make by hand, pre-rolls bring ease to the customer’s life. Now, whenever you need to smoke Cannabis, you only need to take the joint out from its packaging. But the question is, what does a joint contain? And what are its advantages?

A pre-roll consists of ground cannabis, a pre-roll base, and a filter. One of the best advantages of pre-roll joints is that one can smoke them on the go. And hence it saves time. Meanwhile, some people consider these joints expensive. 

There are different types of pre-roll joint, and some of them are:

  • Joint wrapped with gold leaf.
  • Hemp blunts.
  • Dip and roll Doobie
  • Classic Doobie.
  • King-sized Doobie.

Now let us discuss how to pack joints in a professional manner.

The packaging material used to manufacture Pre-roll Packaging:

There are different packaging materials in the market getting used by suppliers. Now while choosing the material, one needs to know what they are looking for. A business person chooses a product to sell in the market. In the same manner, one must study their packaging and branding with great interest. In this way, the moment you launch your product, you could secure many customers. Here are some of the features that you should consider in your packaging.

Make sure your packaging is secure and safe at the same time. Many packaging boxes might protect your product from external harm. But they can affect your product by emitting harmful chemicals. And it might be possible if you use an inorganic box. So make sure that your packaging is 100% organic. 

  • Use packaging inserts to make your box sturdier and secure. The inserts provide the following benefits:
  • They keep each unit in its place. And it makes the product appear professional and presentable.
  • The inserts make the packaging structure sturdier making it stand the external pressure. In this way, the joints do not get affected by anything.
  • There are certain sturdy materials that might not be effective against moisture. In such a case, one needs to adopt other methods. Use lamination to provide an extra protective layer on top. Lamination is of different types. Use the one suitable for your product.

Here are some of the Pre-roll Packaging materials that have all the features you need. 

  • Cardboard.
  • Paperboard.
  • Kraft paper.

Packaging styles for per roll:

Every product has a feature that defines it. And due to that feature, brands sell the product with great ease. But sellers highlight their product features through their packaging. And we can also do the same. First of all, we need to use a packaging style that suits our product. 

Window joint packaging boxes: 

When we sell a product that we want to showcase, we must use a window box. This box allows the customer to see the content placed inside the box. All this generates more sales and also makes the product attractive. 

Flip top boxes:

We all recognize a flip-top box when we see a cigarette box. A flip-top packaging makes it easy for the customers to take the product out. Meanwhile, we do not use such a box for every product, which makes it unique and appealing. 

Sleeve boxes:

A sleeve box consists of two parts. The container holds the product and the sleeve covering it acts as a lid. A sleeve box always makes an impression on the passerby. And also highlight your products. Many sellers are being creative by adding paper inserts into the box. 

Display joint packaging boxes:

If you ever want to launch a product and want to generate quick sales, then use a display. In fact, most sellers use a display box to highlight their products. That is the reason why we buy a product we don’t need. And we even buy an item that we saw the first time due to a display.

Each of the packaging styles we discussed has its unique style and charm. No matter what packaging you use, get it custom-made. In this way, the design gets manufactured to your product’s dimension.

How to make a Luxury pre-roll packaging?

Make your packaging subtle by using bold colors. But there are many other things one needs to do to get a luxurious box. Let us discuss some tips and tricks.

Customizing CBD pre-roll packaging with hot foil:

Hot foiling is the process of transferring a design onto a surface with heat and pressure. Most people use boxes with solid colors like black and then imprint the logo by hot foiling. It not only highlights the brand but also makes the CBD boxes appear luxurious.

Using paper inserts in the joint packaging:

The usage of paper inserts into the packaging is not a new thing. These days almost every seller uses a packaging insert for their products. We all want to make our products presentable. And in this regard, packaging inserts can be of great help. There are three types of inserts, paper pulp insert, paper insert, and foam insert. For pre-roll joint paper, the insert weighs to be perfect.

Carving in the brand logo on your cookies pre-roll packaging:

Your brand logo is the face of your company. And a logo on your box represents your brand wherever it goes. That is the reason why sellers highlight their trademark with different techniques. The most common technique to highlight one’s logo is to carve it in the box. And then further customize it with foil. It might seem like an expensive process, but it’s not. You can also make your logo pop out of the packaging surface with embossing. Embossing gives a 3D look to the design customized with it.

Using Metalized pre-rolled joint packaging:

A metalized packaging box gets manufactured with a rigid board or paperboard. In this way, the box appears sturdy and attractive simultaneously. And sellers enhance its looks by customizing it with metalized foil. If you want to sell your product at a high price, you need to use an expensive box but we can also make a simple box appear expensive by customizing it.

How to find the best supplier for Pre-roll Packaging?

Have you ever wondered what packaging you should use for your products if you are new to business? Well, some people have to change their packaging from time to time. And the reason is the same. One has to keep updating their packaging until they make it perfect. And that is the only way we could impress our customers. But what if there’s another simple way? Well, many people like to consult and research packaging material. Meanwhile, many packaging suppliers also help their customers with packaging. Among such promising packaging suppliers, ICM is receiving the recognition it deserves.

ICM is a USA-based business known for manufacturing high-quality packaging boxes. They have an experienced team available 24/7 to assist their customers. Meanwhile, ICM also offers low prices with short turnaround time. At the same time, you do not have to worry about your packaging customization. They have the latest machinery and years of experience. No matter what look you want for your boxes, they can help you. ICM Packaging is the best choice for Pre-roll Packaging. They benefited sellers by providing high quality and excellent service.

Additional information


All Custom Sizes & Shapes


CMYK, PMS, No Printing

Paper Stock

10pt to 28pt (60lb to 400lb) Eco-Friendly Kraft, E-flute Corrugated, Bux Board, Cardstock


100 – 500,000


Gloss, Matte, Spot UV

Default Process

Die Cutting, Gluing, Scoring, Perforation


Custom Window Cut Out, Gold/Silver Foiling, Embossing, Raised Ink, PVC Sheet.


Flat View, 3D Mock-up, Physical Sampling (On request)

Turn Around Time

4-6 Business Days , Rush